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  • I have been scraping some systems using skyscraper from the retropie-setup script. However, for some systems, it does not seem to work (or it is too slow), specially those with large roms (PSX, PSP and Dreamcast).

    In the past, the build-in scraper in emulationstation worked for scraping single games, but it does not seem to work anymore. Is there an alternative to scrape single games? There is not a lot of them, and I mostly ripped the ISOS myself, so I don't think searching for hash match would work. Ideally, it would use the filename (or I would enter it manually) to retrieve the information from a database.

    Any ideas?

  • I would also love to scrape a single game, which is why I stopped using the ScreenScraper program because it wanted to do whole systems when I just wanted to add in a few games. The way I do it now is I select the ES scraper and I deselect all the systems except for the one that has new games and it will only hit the new games.

  • I found out that the built-in scraper can be configured to use (it's in the main menu), and then it finds the description and the cover for the selected game. Although I have not figured out if it's possible to get the video preview that way. But at least it's something.

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    @xwons said in Scrape single game?:

    Although I have not figured out if it's possible to get the video preview that way.

    The EmulationStation scraper doesn't support videos.

  • @mitu Oh, ok. Thanks.

    I hope in the future it will be more flexible. It's convenient to have a scraper that can be used directly from the GUI.

  • @xwons hi you could try arrm
    It's working on windows

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