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Reicast installation on retropie raspberry pi 4

  • @Jammy27 I just reinstalled reicast (from source) and found that the dc_* files are placed in /opt/retropie/configs/dreamcast/data/. So just remove any dc_* files you added manually, then reinstall reicast from source.

    If you have issues with controller config, I would make a new post.

    Also for reference, there are 3 Dreamcast emulators: reicast, lr-flycast, and redream. I think redream is under Experimental Packages. Right now, I run 95% of my games through redream. The performance and graphics are clearly better than the others in general. So I would give lr-flycast and redream a try before spending tons of time setting up reicast.

  • @Jammy27 sorry, just re-read your post and realized you can't even get to the point of trying to launch a game, due to missing libraries. Try running..

    sudo dpkg --configure -a

    Then attempt the reicast installation again.

  • @davidgrohl I installed raspbian buster from the retropie website. This is the first time I've done anything like this so still trying to figure it all out. The YouTube vids I've seen all say to just go into optional packages and click reicast and install from source but mine always fails. This led me to think that it was because there were no BIOS files so I've added those to where it says and still fails.

  • @rejesterd yes for some reason it just fails and has done even before I started trying to add BIOS. The only reason I'm trying to add reicast is so I can launch redream from the home screen, but apparently it can't be done without reicast as there is no Dreamcast logo on the home screen without it. All the videos I've seen for reicast are for pi3 which is why I wondered if the files may have changed etc.

  • @Jammy27 hm. As a test, I just uninstalled reicast and rebooted. I can still see the Dreamcast option in EmulationStation, and all the games play fine in redream and/or flycast. So I don't think reicast is necessary.

    Have you tried just adding a rom to ~/RetroPie/roms/dreamcast/? I think once you add a rom, the Dreamcast menu should show up in ES. If you can get to that point, then try installing redream and lr-flycast.

    Dreamcast setup is not an easy process yet, but it's very worth it for running these games on the pi4. It works really well.

  • @rejesterd I'll give that a try and if that doesn't work I'll try installing flycast. I do already have redream installed but can only access it through the desktop at the minute, i think once you have reicast installed then you can select it through the emulators option when loading games. at the minute I can't even get the Dreamcast logo up on emulation station. I do have some roms to add so might add those straight to redream and see if it comes up. I'll give all the above a go and see if I can get it sorted and let you know how I get on. I have read that Dreamcast is a bit of a nightmare to get working but worth it once it's done.

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    @Jammy27 Sounds like you're using a 3rd party (RetroPie based) image, the desktop is not included in an official RetroPie and it's not necessary for the emulators/EmulationStation to run.

  • @mitu it was downloaded from the raspberry website. Once loaded up it starts at the desktop and from there loaded and set up retropie and emulation station.

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    @Jammy27 said in Reicast installation on retropie raspberry pi 4:

    it was downloaded from the raspberry website.

    The image there doesn't contain RetroPie.

    EDIT: if you've performed the manual installation steps (detailed in the docs), then you'll need to use the Buster Lite image and not the desktop enabled image.

  • @rejesterd I followed the steps you put for the reicast install and it's all worked. I see what you mean about the BIOS moving into their own folder too, I checked that out once it had installed. Thanks for your help, much appreciated 👍

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