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Soul Reaver Resets on Lr-Flycast

  • Thanks @quicksilver and @mitu.. found it under Quick Menu > Information. It's 1.8.4 - Flycast (0.1 fb7d277).

  • @rejesterd I have just updated it, I'm on 1.8.4 (0.1 c59eac05). No change.

  • @George-Spiggott You still have an older version than me. c59eac05 is from Feb 6th, and mine is actually the very next commit on Feb 7th:

    Feb 8th is when I actually installed mine. But if you just updated from source today, that's odd you would still have that older version. Maybe you need to update your retropie-setup script before doing the flycast update?

  • @George-Spiggott Just for reference, I built your flycast version on my system, but I'm still unable to reproduce the issue when I enable widescreen cheats and widescreen hacks.

    Have you tried disabling all your overclock settings temporarily to see if that allows the game to launch?

    Edit: Also, can you post the contents of /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch.cfg? This is being referenced by the dreamcast cfg file. I think those are the only settings I haven't matched to yours thus far.

  • @rejesterd I have not, the game loads as a .CDI and .GDI so after I have attempted another update and tested that I will try turning off the overclocking. I think only the GPU overclock is benefiting the game anyway.

    However another matter has arisen. I've been playing the .GDI version which runs perfectly with widescreen cheats/hacks. When you get the Reaver blade in the game it does not position itself in Raziel's hand as it should but instead floats a few centimetres off to one side. As a result I'm probably going to play the game in stretched 4:3 rather than 16:9

    I'll stick with fixing this .CHD problem though because the benefits of 50%+ reduction in file size and higher fidelity of the ROMS is definitely worth the effort in the long term.

  • @George-Spiggott Ah, so when you don't have the GDI packaged as a CHD, the game works ok (except for the blade-in-hand issue). I'm wondering if it's the way you're packaging the CHD. Did you package it on your PC or did you run chdman directly on the pi?

  • I packaged it on my PC using the method suggested by Quicksilver earlier in the thread.

  • Yeah, usually either packaging method works fine. I can only tell you I used chdman on the pi to package mine, and it works with your version and settings. Might be worth a shot, but I really don't see what chdman on Windows could be doing differently.

  • @rejesterd I updated the retropie script and updated Lr-Flycast again. I'm now on 1.8.4 (0.1 b018b13).

    The .CHD version of SR works fine now. Sadly I am playing it with widescreen off. I suspect the Reaver positioning is either very difficult or impossible to fix as I'm sure it is a bug in the game not in Lr-Flycast so there doesn't seem much point in reporting it as a bug.

    Thanks for everyone's help. Now to upgrade all my .CDI roms.

  • This video is of the PC version. It has the same Reaver blade issue in widescreen. It's definitely the game not the emulator causing this flaw.

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