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How to configure my game controller correctly in retropie

  • Here's the deal. I installed Ubuntu 19.10 on an x86 windows tablet. I installed Retropie. Updated everything. Loaded some Atari 2600 roms. However the issue is with any console. I map my buttons in emulationstation. I start a game and the button for "jump" for example as in Donkey Kong for Mario just resets the game. The X button invokes retroarch settings and therefore I'm not able to enjoy a game. When I move the d-pad right, it shows "State Slot # in bottom left hand corner of screen. When I move the D-Pad left, it displays the same thing. Ideally I want the popups in the corner to go away and for the rest of the buttons to work how they're intended I can make Mario walk but that's it. How can i set this correctly? The controller is both a Bluetooth and a wired controller if cable is connected. Both ways give the same results. I tried configuring using Bind all in retroarch settings but does not help much. Thanks for any help regarding this. I also get what I think is an error before each game launches. Screenshots below.

    Game 2.png Game 1.png Error.png

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    My guess is you didn't set a hotkey button when you configured your input in EmulationStation, so any hotkey shortcuts (exit/reset/load or save state) are invoked directly on key press when you use those buttons/keys. Are you using a gamepad or the keyboard ?

  • @mitu It's a Bluetooth Game pad and even with setting a hot key the D-Pad does the same thing. Thanks. If I use my wired logitec game pad everything is perfect. It's only when trying to use bluetooth. The reason to solve the bluetooth controller issue is because I may be setting something like this up for a friend soon and they are not gonna want to worry with long cords across the room. So that's why I'm trying to sort the bluetooth use.

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    Sure, I understand, the D-Pad is still behaving like the hotkey is pressed. The Left/Right + Hotkeys combos are used to decrease/increase the save state slots.
    What kind/model of controller is it ? What button did you choose as Hotkey ?

  • @mitu That's just it. I skipped the hotkey part on a redo since no matter what it was gonna do it anyways. Amazon link to controller I'm trying to configure right. It works great on anything else like Android phone, tablets, Fire Stick, etc. Pretty device friendly. Not with RetroPie.

  • I don't know. Maybe it's just because it's RetroPie in Ubuntu x86? No idea.

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    This looks like an - overpriced IMHO - mobile controller. It doesn't mention any PC compatibility, I'd use one that's advertised as working with a PC for RetroPie.

    That aside, you can disable all the hotkey combos by editing the .cfg file of the controller, which you can find in \\retropie\configs\all\retroarch-joypads\.

    The downside is that without the hotkey (and the hotkey enabled shortcuts) you'll not be able to open the configuration menu (RGUI) in RetroArch, save or load a state and even exit the emulator.

  • @mitu LOL, they raised the price. That isn't what i paid for it. I actually paid $22.97 at the time. $17.02 cheaper :P so anyways, controller works great with Mame on PC and everything else. Just this one little snag with RetroPie. I guess I should ditch Ubuntu and put windows back on it. Worked well with Retroarch and EmulationStation for Windows. Only drawback on Windows you can't make Windows boot right into EmulationStation automatically like with Ubuntu.

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    You can try the manual method of creating a configuration file using jstest - This way you'll see if the buttons are recognized by RetroPie/Linux when pressing them.

  • @mitu Awesome thanks. Will let you know when I do.

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