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  • Hi everyone,

    in order to run lr-vice properly I tried to update retroarch to the latest version after I posted here:

    (I use a raspberry pi 3B, with a fresh official image on a new card)

    I tried to update the retroarch core through retropie set-up from source, but was stuck with version 1.7.6... after some research I tried with the online updater within retroarch (after enabling it), nothing happened when i tried to update the core, so I updated what I could within the online updater menu (assets, etc)... miiiiiiistake

    now I can still navigate the menus within emulationstation and launch a game but can't re-enter retroarch or play anything (controller not responding...)

    so... I need help first with the second problem: I tried to configure my controller again with "configure input", to reinstall retroarch (binary and source) and retropie (basic install, then source update of the core packages) but no success... I suppose I need to delete something through SSH, I have another card with an older -working- image, if that helps.

    ...then what can I do to update retroarch to the latest version without disturbing anything!

    Thanks a bunch!

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    What version of RetroPie are you using ? Please add some info about your system, as detailed in

    EDIT: Updating should be done by updating first the RetroPie-Setup module, and then the package(s) installed. If you choose to update all installed packages, the RetroPie-Setup script will be automatically updated.

  • The latest version available on the download page, 4.5.1 (official premade image)
    I just tried what you said ( updated all installed packages, I had only updated the core packages before), still have the same issue (controller not recognized in game), and now I need to enter my login and password every time I boot the pi.
    I can always format the card and start fresh again, jush wish I hadn't already filled it with all my cd games...

    Thanks for your quick reply!

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    @soge73 said in Problem with updating retroarch to latest version:

    I just tried what you said ( updated all installed packages, I had only updated the core packages before), still have the same issue (controller not recognized in game),

    Did you re-configure your controller in EmulationStation after you've updated the packages ? Looks like you've reset your RetroArch configuration and the defaults added by RetroPie don't work.

    and now I need to enter my login and password every time I boot the pi.

    That's fixable - see

  • Got it to work momentarily with an XBox controller (I use by default a saturn controller with adapter); I remapped it properly, and it worked... weirdly ( start is on R2 ); entered retroarch to try and select the saturn controller for player one but instead of the saturn controller only the name of the adapter was displayed... couldn't go back, tried to reboot... and couldn't (I can write the login but not the password...)
    Feel sort of cursed!

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    @soge73 The password is not echoed at the terminal - you don't see *** like on windows. You just need to write it and then press Enter to login.

  • OK, I could see it right before though...
    well it seems retroarch doesn't recognize my saturn controller anymore (detects the adapter), it worked just fine before I fiddled with the online updater menu...
    how can I revert what I did, should I delete or replace some files with SSH ?

    I could get the "options" content in the lr-vice retroarch menu though, which is why I wanted to update retroarch in the first place...

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    @soge73 Remove/rename any retroarch.cfg file you find under /opt/retropie/configs/ and sub-folders. There's a global retroarch.cfg and each system has it's own (short) retroarch.cfg.

    Then, re-install/update all packages.

  • Just tried (well, I removed the files in "all" and "snes", in which I've been doing the tests), updated, rebooted , redid the "configure input"... doesn't work.

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    @soge73 Can you enable Verbose Logging when you start your emulator from the Runcommand launch menu and post the contents of the /dev/shm/runcommand.log file on ? This should show how the inputs are detected and where are the input configuration files located.

    Did you modify any permissions on any of the configuration folders ?

  • Yes I think I tinkered with the permissions (followed a tutorial to get access to the root with Putty)

    Here is the log if I did everything right:

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    Is this the complete log ? It looks truncated.

    I advise you to re-install and don't change any permissions after the installation. You don't need root to use RetroPie. If you need any info, ask in the forum, but take a look first in the Docs to see if your question hasn't been documented or explained before.

  • Don't know if I did the copy-paste correctly sorry...

    Anyway I reinstalled, updated all packages, and everything works smoothly (what a joy to be finally able to try the c64!)

    Many thanks for your help, I know now NOT TO MESS WITH PERMISSIONS!

  • @soge73

    Thanks for posting - this helped me with lr-vice as well!

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