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  • I am using a 1200X800 lcd for my display. I have did change the the config file to reflect this incase* it was not auto detecting correctly.

    I have an issue where everything is stretching to accomodate the 800 height instead of leaving a small black bar to and bottom. I see this is system load videos and also in some nonwindoed emulators where the picture is slightly streched taller noted mostly in NES when side by side with an actual console.

    The frustrating part is I changed something at one time that corrected this, but a reboot it went back to normal. ANy ideas on where to look, I think it was after messing with the n64 emulator screen size that everything worked but then ended up reverting on reboot.

    Thanks for any help most wouldn't see the difference but it drives me crazy knowing it is slightly off. This is on a rpi4 buster build running the compile from last week.

  • In poking around more, i get it can be dangerous. It seems like if I switched retroarch from 8:7 to 4:3 this corrected it. It then makes all the load screens correct as well as game play. This seems to make sense but could I get some cofirmation being new to this, not sure what I could mess up on.

    Also it never saves past reboot, so if you could tell me where the config is to change it would be great.

  • And Just another update. What I think I now need is where do I change the config to "start in fullscreen Mode" Changing it in the retroarch menu, just gets changed back even though I tell it to save on exit. That is what keeps getting reset when the emulator is launched I assume by command line.

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    Changes in RetroArch's configuration are not saved automatically, you need to either save a configuration override (for the Core used or for the Game) or - if you want to change an option globally - use the RetroArch entry in the RetroPie system and save explicitly the configuration.

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