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Unable to start games or enter runcommand

  • Hi all, Firstly please bear with me as I'm a complete noob to retropie but not the concept of emulators (current pc build with Mamewah front end) but fancied having a play with a Pi. So am running a rpi 4b with 4gb ram and 64gb card with Raspian Buster and Retropie 4.5.18

    I've followed the guides on her for the manual install as I wanted to install Raspian first and thought I was doing well. Retropie is installed, controller setup and roms added so can see the emulators. When I go to start a game the screen goes back to the raspian desktop and then back to the emulator with the list of games. If I select Retropie from the menu I get the menu with audio, bluetooth, wifi etc but no matter what choice I select it does the same thing. Shows the desktop and then back to the menu. I have searched the forum, google, youtube etc and just can't seem to work this out so have had to admit defeat and ask on here.

    Thank you in advance for any help.

  • Are you trying to run everything from the Pixel desktop? As indicated here "you can't run Retropie and PIXEL at the same time, you will need to logout of the PIXEL desktop environment in order to run emulationstation and the emulators RetroPie installs."

    Also, it might be useful to give the rest of the information requested here

    You can also try checking out this post and if you want to play around with the PIXEL desktop add it as instructed here

  • Thank you for the reply. Thats exactly what I was doing so now it is working as expected.

    Thank you for the additional links. Will take my time to read through them as I don't think this will be my only post on the forum :)

  • @joesnow81 there's plenty of info already here and even more knowledge in the minds of the users here. Stick around and you'll learn things, I certainly have. Welcome to the forum!

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