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  • Still no luck when running the script directly.

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    Works for me - are you sure you're running a RetroArch emulator ? What game are you starting and what emulator appears in the launch command message ?

  • Not 100% sure.I am running super mario kart and the SNES9X emulator.

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    When you start the game, there's the launch command 'splash', displaying the game and the emulator run:

    What does it say when you start yours ?

  • Mine says Super Mario Kart (USA) lr-snes9x2010.

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    Then it's using lr-snes9x2010 as emulator, which is a RetroArch core. I don't understand why it's not working - you can try adding the RetroArch network input config to \\retropie\configs\snes\retroarch.cfg, just in case you saved the configuration from the RGUI.

  • Ok, good to know. I added the network input config to the snes config file. That still shouldn't have mattered when running the script in the terminal because isn't that simply running the PAUSE command the same as if I were running it in the game?

    Edit: Ignore what I said above, that did the trick, I must have edited some configuration through the RGUI as you mentioned. You are awesome mitu. Can confirm everything from running in the terminal to pressing the P key does what it should do.

  • Now for my usecase I need to find a way to replace KEY_P 1 with a controller button that I want to have linked to a dedicated P4 or P5 (if possible) position. If I assigned the KEY_P to say "button 11" which no other controller of mine has, that should work right?

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    It should work, though you'll have to find out the event that triggers that. To find out the the right event, you need to:

    • get the event device for the controller. Run cat /proc/bus/input/devices and note the /dev/input/eventX device of the controller you want to use. Let's say is /dev/input/event2.
    • run thd --dump /dev/input/event2 from the terminal. Press the button and the event shold be shown on the screen:
    thd --dump /dev/input/event2
    EV_KEY  BTN_B   1       /dev/input/event2
    # BTN_B 1       command

    Press Ctrl+C to stop.
    The event name is shown on the 2nd (commented) line - BTN_B, since I pressed the B button on my gamepad. Replace the KEY_P with the corresponding BTN_ event and it should work. Make sure to restart the service after re-configuration (sudo systemctl restart triggerhappy).

  • Everything worked flawlessly, I really appreciate the event lookup code, I never would have figured that out. I did notice that if a hotkey was enabled that it does not work which I believe you mentioned in the other thread. All in all it does exactly what I wanted it to do.

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