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Cutscenes Missing or Just Not Playing with Turbo/PC Engine CD games

  • RetroPi: 4.5.18 running on a B+
    I just ran into this issue again, where certain cutscenes won't play with the PC-Fast emulator

    I'm not sure if it's the emulator or the rom file.. but at times cut scenes just won't play on certain Turbo/PC Engine games.

    I just played through Last Exile and certain cut scenes wouldn't play, while others were just entirely quiet.
    When I finally beat the game, it went to a black screen. Nothing played, the system wasn't frozen, it was just a black screen.

    I am curious if it is the same issue that was seen with Exile, where it doesn't run correctly on PC-Fast emulator, but the normal one hasn't been added to the image files/updates yet.

    I know it was the same error last time I played Last Alert, but I am using an ISO from a different source and having the same issue. (I rebuilt the system and redownloaded everything to a larger SD card)
    Sadly my physical copy can't be used any more due to age, and wear and tear.

    Thank you in advance for any advice!

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