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8 Bit do Controller now won’t play games in Retro Pi

  • Hello

    Can anyone kindly help re the issue I am having with the difficulty of starting any game or exiting a game in Retro Pi.
    (My controller is 8Bitdo N30 Pro 2 Bluetooth Gamepad - Using via USB)
    I am new to Retro Pi but managed to install and map the buttons from initial switch on. My controller and Games worked fine in the beginning but I wanted to re - map my buttons to make a couple ofminor changes and now have the following problems. I can navigate the menus in retro pi and select the game I want to play but the start and select buttons do not work in game which is preventing me from playing any game. I cannot exit any game either. I selected the “HotKey” button as “Select”.

    Can anyone help please, I would be most grateful.

    Many thanks in advance.


  • If you are using the controller wired, it is probably in X-Input mode. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the xpad driver through RetroPie-Setup -> Manage Packages -> Manage Drivers, then rebooting the Pi once you are done.

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