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  • Hello, I'm wondering if someone could take me through this process I'd need to get xboxdrv to change it's settings on a rom by rom basis? In the example given on github for Retropie and xboxdrv they set up to get check if the program being run is Scummvm.

    if [ "$1" = "scummvm" ]
    sudo killall >> /dev/shm/runcommand.log 2>&1 xboxdrv
    sudo /opt/retropie/supplementary/xboxdrv/bin/xboxdrv >> /dev/shm/runcommand.log 2>&1 \
    	--evdev /dev/input/by-id/[•] \
    	--silent \
    	--detach-kernel-driver \
    	--force-feedback \
    	--deadzone-trigger 15% \
    	--deadzone 4000 \
    	--mimic-xpad \
    	--evdev-absmap ABS_[•]=x1,ABS_[•]=y1,ABS_[•]=x2,ABS_[•]=y2,ABS_[•]=lt,ABS_[•]=rt,ABS_[•]=dpad_x,ABS_[•]=dpad_y \
    	--evdev-keymap BTN_[•]=a,BTN_[•]=b,BTN_[•]=x,BTN_[•]=y,BTN_[•]=lb,BTN_[•]=rb,BTN_[•]=tl,BTN_[•]=tr,BTN_[•]=guide,BTN_[•]=back,BTN_[•]=start \
    	--axismap -Y1=Y1,-Y2=Y2 \
    	--ui-axismap x1=REL_X:10,y1=REL_Y:10 \
    	--ui-buttonmap b=BTN_LEFT,a=BTN_RIGHT,start=KEY_F5 \
    	--ui-buttonmap guide=void,x=void,y=void,lb=void,rb=void,tl=void,tr=void,lt=void,rt=void,back=void \
    	--ui-axismap x2=void \

    This mainly makes sense to me, so I could change Scummvm to MSX, no problem. But if I say wanted to run this for just one specific game what would you need to type for the opening if line?

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    You'd need to test using the $3 parameter, which holds the name of the ROM - see

  • @mitu Ah I see! That makes a lot of sense. I've got it now thanks! Just need to figure out what buttons I've got and it's all dandy. Although I guess I also need to map some of them so I can still exit retroarch.

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