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LR-Fuse Still not loading 48k ZX Spectrum roms after trying all previous advice in this forum

  • Thanks a lot, I'll give some different Roms a try after work. If it's just a matter of I was using incompatible Roms then I'm going to poke myself in the eye with a stick! If not I'll have grab the logs and send them over. Have you ever tried a game called Split Personalities? This is one in particular i was trying to get working alongside a bunch of Ultimate games.

  • @ShinraPie I can't say I have - I believe the only one I was trying at some point that suffered from it was Lunar Jetman.
    But do send over the runcommand.log when you have it, it should help dig into what's happening there.

  • @pjft

    I've been a while recovering from a stick to the eye!
    It turned out that 4 different versions of the same game in varying formats did not work but I tried a 5th version from an online Archive site and it worked flawlessly, so it wasn't an issue with 48k games at all. I must have wasted literally 2 whole days of my life trying to find a fix for something that wasn't really broken. And if I didn't come here looking for advise then it could have been a lot longer, so many thanks for your help with this!

    There were quite a few games I couldn't load including a bunch of Ultimate games which all happened to be 48k which further led me to believe it was a 48k issue. I have now found working copies of all the games I wanted.

    Below is a paste of a log file for one of the games that didn't work and just hung on the White Sinclair Research screen (as they all did).

    I'd be interested to know what went wrong with these but it's not essential since as per above I have found working copies.

    The file was Jetpac.SNA and the paste can actually be found here because I just got told off by a mod!

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    @ShinraPie please follow the forum guidance and either use a markdown code section for logs or a 3rd party pastebin site.

  • @BuZz said in LR-Fuse Still not loading 48k ZX Spectrum roms after trying all previous advice in this forum:

    @ShinraPie please follow the forum guidance and either use a markdown code section for logs or a 3rd party pastebin site.

    Thanks Buzz, now fixed!

  • @ShinraPie good to hear it's sorted out. I read through the logs but honestly I can't make much of it. As I mentioned, my experience with lr-fuse's compatibility was that it was a lot fussier with the format than the actual games, so it's probably just that.

    Happy gaming!

  • @pjft

    Thanks, I seem to have most luck with .z80 files

    What do you recommend for default joystick order?
    Currently I have

    User 1: Kempston
    User 2: Cursor
    User 3: Keyboard

    Am I likely to run into any issues with this configuration?

    You mentioned before about some newly created games for the system, any recommendations?

  • @ShinraPie That sounds about the same as my experience - Z80s work best. I usually have a similar order, I might have Interface 1 or 2 instead of Cursor, but it ends up the same.

    Sure, here are a few of the ones I tested out recently that are recent games:

    • Yazzie: a fun arcade platformer/puzzler from a lone Russian programmer called Denis Grachev/RetroSouls. Several of the games in this list are his.
    • Valley or Rains: the winner of the Yandex Dev competition a few months ago. An action game, similar to Savage from Firebird back in the day.
    • The Sword of Ianna: A great action platformer from RetroWorks - a Spanish team that is responsible for many games in the last decade.
    • Old Tower: Denis Grachev's entry in last years ZX Dev competition. It's a puzzler. Great game.
    • Mighty Final Fight: A remake of the NES Mighty Final Fight, for the ZX Spectrum. Plays very well.
    • Los Amores de Brunilda: An adventure game from the RetroWorks folks. I started on the Spectrum but then ended up playing it end to end on the MSX as it has better graphics.
    • King's Valley: An remake of an old Konami game from the 80s. A simple arcade platformer, quite nice as an arcade game.
    • Gommy, Defensor Medieval: A simple arcade game where you're defending a castle from incoming invaders. Simple gameplay.
    • Godkiller - New Timeline Edition: Top-down action adventure game.
    • Aliens Neoplasma: The winner of the ZX Dev 2019 competition. A proper Aliens game on the Spectrum.
    • Tiki Taca: An isometric remake of Atic Atac.
    • Metal Man Remixed/Reloaded: An action game in the vein of Robocop/Cobra.
    • Alter Ego: An arcade puzzler from RetroSouls, using platforms and polarity switching characters.
    • Dreamwalker - Alter Ego 2: The sequel to the previous entry.
    • Multidude: Another arcade puzzler from RetroSouls, using platforms and characters with different abilities.
    • Gluf: Another arcade puzzle platformer from RetroSouls.
    • Castlevania - Spectral Interlude: An unnoficial Castlevania game, on the ZX Spectrum. Reminiscent of the NES ones, well regarded by the community.
    • Ninja Gaiden - Shadow Warriors: A remake of the Gameboy Ninja Gaiden, on the Spectrum.
    • Vradark's Sphere: a simple roguelike. I might be biased as I like this kind of games and there weren't that many on the Spectrum.

    Hope these are interesting!

  • @pjft

    Thanks. A lot of interesting sounding games there, where would I find these games or do I just need to google them individually?
    I take it that they are all freely distributable?

    I found a game on my computer yesterday, no idea where it came from but it was called Abe's Mission I just ran it to see what it was and it looks like a version of Abe's Odyssey. I didn't play it as it was in Russian but it looked good none the less .

    Just found a video of this on YouTube [

    ](link url) judging by the video it looks like this is 13 years old or more so you've probably already seen it a long time ago if you follow this stuff!

  • @ShinraPie I hadn't seen that game, no - it does look a lot like what I remember from Abe's Oddissey, nice.

    All those games are free to get, yes. Here are some of the links where you'll find most of the games. Others that may be older you'd have to search for individually:


    EDIT: And apparently there's already a 2020 competition in the works here:

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