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  • Hi y'all.

    Running an Amiga emulator primarily to play pinball games I need F1 and F2 buttons to choose between 1P and 2P games. This means that my Y button for Player 2 is mapped to F1.

    However, this results in some NeoGeo games (like In The Hunt) that a "raster irq" enables and disables at every buttonpress..

    Where do I change this hotkey to some other button than F1? I couldn't find anything in the retroarch.cfg files.

  • @AndersHP Well, "in the hunt" is not a neogeo game, but whatever.
    With you not mentioning at all the emulators you are using, i have a hard time making sense of your issue tbh (are you even using libretro/retroarch cores for those systems ? i would expect the standalone amiberry to be the recommended amiga emulator, and the mame libretro cores to not allow disabling raster irq this way).
    Or are you saying you are playing neogeo on amiga ? Is there a neogeo emulator on amiga ? Why would it run an irem m92 game though ? O_o

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