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Lr-scummvm, scummvm-sdl1 or scummvm

  • Can anyone give some advice as to which is the best to use? Or the benefits of each?

    The official docs point to scummvm.
    I'm not sure what sdl1 support does
    LR is in the experimental section

    Any advice would be appreciated

  • lr-scummvm doesn't build from the experimental section on my pi4 using either source or binary...

    So with that failing that makes my decision easier

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    @Jste84 the binary doesn't build. It downloads and installs. Please provide a log for your issue with that.

    For most people either the libretro core or the standalone scummvm should be fine. The sdl1 version is kept around due to differences in how it translates the digital pad on a controllers. If you only have a digital pad, it may work better.

    Also please see my signature and read the sticky topic. Need more information to advise.

  • @Jste84 not sure if it's still as much of an issue but I found with pi3 the standalone has better performance. Blade Runner for me on lr-scummvm ran with a bit more stuttering and such. But it didn't seem to do this on less intensive games (Sam & Max I remember testing). So I think it just depends which you games you want to play really.

  • @retropieuser555 yeah I'm finding that works great to be honest..

    I know @BuZz you said you need more info... But there's no info in the docs for the others..... So not really sure what else you'd expect me to have posted

    If you mean reporting an issue... I wasn't really doing that... I just meant it narrowed my choices...

    Quite happy with vrscumm.... Happy to take feedback though as you all do a great job here

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