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[Announce] Moonlight Qt & Embedded integration in RetroPie

  • Hi,

    Not trying to compete with earlier, better known,more advanced and better solutions for integrating Moonlight into Retropie, like
    -@TechWizTime 's setup script,
    -@joelghill 's and @Zangdaarr 's retromoonlight,
    -@hhromic 's install script now included with RetroPie,
    -@rpf16rj 's runcommand script,
    -etc., etc.,
    I've made 2 scripts of my own to integrate Moonlight Qt and Moonlight Embedded, respectively, into RetroPie:

    1. UpdateMoonlightQtGamesList for Moonlight Qt

    2. UpdateMoonlightGamesList for Moonlight Embedded

    My two solutions are a little bit more manual to setup initially(installation of Moonlight, EmulationStation menu entry etc.), and not as smooth and tightly integrated with artwork and thems as the above mentions.

    But if you, as I, care most about streaming and playing games, and like to have the freedom and control to tinker, once set up, you can from within the RetroPie Moonlight/Steam menu entry:
    -Automatically by the push of a button update the list in RetroPie of Moonlight streamable games from the game streaming server,
    -Launch the Moonlight game streaming titles directly,
    -Combine easily with other useful .sh script entries,

    You can also pretty conveniently from the command line/X-windows edit the Moonlight game streaming settings in the script, or execute this or other useful scripts in the Moonlight ROMS folder.

    For Moonlight Qt, one can list the streamable titles on the game streaming server with the command ./_UpdateMoonlightQtGamesList list and start the Moonlight Qt GUI directly from RetroPie.

    I hope these scripts can be useful for some of you as well! ;-)

    As usual, hommage goes to @TechWizTime for his pioneering work in this field. And to @rpf16rj. -Both of which I have borrowed extensively from.


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