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  • I'm in the process of building a wall mounted arcade. I'm using a Raspberry Pi 4 with Retropie 4.6. I want to have the monitor vertical (to play PacMan, Dig Dug, Galaga, etc) I can't figure out how to get this to work. I already tried the command


    That didn't work. If I boot to the desktop and flip the screen

    Preferences/Screen Configuration

    Then launch emulationstation that seem to be ok but I want it to go into emulationstation without any interaction. Plus I don't want to have a keyboard plugged in.

    Built from: Retropie on top of OS and tried Pre made image on Retropie website
    Power Supply used: came with Raspberry Pi
    USB Devices connected: EG Starts Emulator
    Controller used: Sanwa
    Error messages received: No error message

    Guide used: (Mention if you followed a guide)
    Emulator: emulationstation / Mame 2003

    Any suggestions?


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    The display_rotate options do not apply to the Rpi4 - see
    This post provides some suggestions on how to workaround that - not a complete solution to display_rotate, but should cover most situations.

  • @mitu Thank you for the information. Do you know if there is any plans for update to fix issue?

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    @gsasso said in Screen Orientation:

    Do you know if there is any plans for update to fix issue?

    I don't think so.

  • Hi @gsasso welcome to Retropie forum.

    apt-mark is your friend (at least it is mine).

    Depending on your re-do appetite here is a recipe:

    1. Backup your previous work/config, at least:

    2. Download the latest premade RetroPie image (MD5 9154d998cba5219ddf23de46d8845f6c at the time of writing) and flash.

    3. Log on to the RetroPie.

    4. Run apt-cache policy raspberrypi-kernel, it should return something like

      apt-cache policy raspberrypi-kernel
        Installed: 1.20200212-1
        Candidate: 1.20200212-1
        Version table:

      Note the date 2020-02-12, make sure you stick to this:

    5. Run apt-mark

      sudo su
      apt-mark hold libraspberrypi-bin
      apt-mark hold raspberrypi-kernel
      apt-mark hold raspberrypi-bootloader    
      apt-mark hold raspberrypi-kernel-headers
      apt-mark hold raspi-config
      apt-mark hold rpi-eeprom
    6. Now you may run apt-get update && apt-get upgrade combo and restore files from your backup.


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    @Lolonois I don't think that will help. display_rotate=1 and display_rotate=3 were never supported on the Pi4, only display_rotate=2 (and this is the only thing that was removed in the last kernel/firmware update). Did they worked before the update for you ?

  • @mitu good point. So one can use rotation of 90 or 270 degrees BUT the width and height is not exchanged on my proposed setup. Thus my hint only works flawless for 180 degree screen rotate installations.

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