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Some Psx Games Not Loading

  • Hello. I just want to preface that I’m new to Raspberry Pi and Linux. I’ve also tried to find a solution to my particular problem here in the forums and on reddit, but to no avail, so maybe it’s something particular on my end.
    The issue is that some of my Roms are not populating in the game list. I’ve made sure that they all have accompanying bins and cues. I’ve even made sure that the cue files all have the precise spellings and capitalizations within the file that references the bin files. I’ve tried scraping. I’ve tried tweaking some settings. I can’t seem to get a few particular roms to load. I consider myself somewhat tech savvy, but this issue is lost on me. And help is definitely appreciated.

  • @ToryK13
    I also would like to note that i have all my roms on an external hard drive. It’s formatted properly and everything else. I would have considered it a variable to look into, but that doesn’t make much sense to me that some would load perfectly fine, while a few will not.

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    Add some info about your system, as detailed in

    A verbose log from the emulator, for a game that doesn't work, would be useful to diagnose this.

  • @mitu Hello and sorry for the delayed response.
    Pi Model: Raspberry Pi 4 Model B
    Power Supply: CanaKit USB-C Power Supply
    Version: 4.4
    Build From: Retropie_4.4.img -> Sandisk 32GB micro SD
    USB Devices: WD 1TB External Harddrive
    Controller: DualShock 4
    Error Messages: N/A (or maybe I just don't know where to look)
    Verbose Log: (I've tried to create one, but I can't seem to do it right - I'm new to Linux and using commands to navigate)
    File: G:\retropie\roms\psx\Tomba!.bin + G:\retropie\roms\psx\Tomba!.cue
    (There are a few others, but this one in particular is, at least, the one game I wish worked, haha)
    Emulator: PCSX

    If I can be guided on how to get a verbose log for a particular game, I would definitely supply one if it helps this situation. I'm lost on how to do so. I activated, at least I believe I did, the verbose logging in the retroarch menu, but I am not able to generate one. I would probably just assume it's an issue with my understanding, though I've had issues with retropie not saving any of my adjustments of settings after shutting down. That's a whole other issue, I believe.

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    @ToryK13 said in Some Psx Games Not Loading:

    If I can be guided on how to get a verbose log for a particular game

    Check the link I posted earlier - Any reason you're using such an old RetroPie version ?

  • @mitu No, haha. There is not particular reason I'm using an old version. I could have sworn I downloaded the image from this site a few days ago, so I assumed I was up to date. I'm currently updating and am going to try to get a verbose log. It could be because I was on an old version, but when I would select it to collect a verbose log at launch, the setting would reset - along with all other settings. We'll see.

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    @ToryK13 Updating through the RetroPie-Setup script will not be enough, I advise you to install the latest image from

  • That's what I did. I ended up figuring out the problem after several hours of troubleshooting.
    I'll explain what I did and what I figured out for those who may also have a similar issue.
    I found out that I was just ignorant on how retropie loaded roms. I thought it was all out of my external harddrive, so I loaded the thing with every rom I ever owned. I learned that the roms are actually copied to the micro-sd. I was filling up the micro-sd and this caused every problem I was having with retropie.
    I deleted unnecessary roms, I re-flashed my sd, did every bit of setup I needed (setting up wifi, ect.) then the roms all populated and loaded.
    I was also having an issue with the on-system scraper - now knowing it was because I was out of disk space.
    I was also having an issue with PSX not loading my BIOS and claiming there wasn't one loaded. This was also do to the fact that I was limited on disk space.
    I appreciate your prompt response in helping me find a solution to this problem. Unfortunately for me, my day has been spent troubleshooting and I'm not able to enjoy the progress lol. Off to bed.

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    @ToryK13 If you want to keep your ROMs on your external drive, follow

  • @mitu I definitely appreciate the link. Again, I'm new to all of this. Thanks again!

  • @ToryK13 I'm a reasonably new newbie too. I'm trying the external hard-drive hookup this weekend following the above advice/link. I'll let you know how it goes.

  • I just completed setting up the USB loader and it’s working great. I had some trouble, but a fresh flash and a reformat of my drive did the trick. Thanks for the help and advice!

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