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Mortal Kombat Plus+ Compatibility

  • Hello,

    I am curious if anyone has tried Mortal Kombat Plus on their Retropie setups using a Pi4? I don't think these would work on a Pi3 since Mame2003 is still the primary core for performance on those games.

    Here is the link:

    These guys took the original arcade files and further developed them with additional characters, bug fixes, etc. Let me know if anyone has success with these, I am very interested!

  • @GreenHawk84 those hacks have been available on fbneo since last year (mk2p and umk3pb1), i think mame2003+ got them too.

  • @barbudreadmon thank you for the tip, I was able to find working files to try on my Pi3B+. These games run on FBNeo, but super slow. So, I am hoping that when I move over to Pi4, these games will be fully functional. I will report back when I get that up and running. If these work properly on a Pi4, man will I be stoked!

  • @GreenHawk84 spoiler alert: They both run great (full speed with lots of cycles to spare) on a Pi4B using lr-fbneo.

  • @roslof STOKED!

  • @roslof right now I have my Pi4 running for the first time with MK2 Plus and UMK3 Plus. The performance is pretty good, but something is off. It sounds a little fast. Not sure if this is how FBNeo is currently handling the ROMs. Seems promising so far, but Mame2016 will not run these files as they are. Perhaps I'll have to experiment to see if any Mame cores can get it going.

  • Upon further testing, it appears FBNeo plays MK games in general inaccurately, not just MK Plus. I loaded up lr-mame2016 on Pi4 and played regular MK2 and UMK3, they performed WAY better than FBNeo, both sound accuracy and fluidity. This seems promising to me then because perhaps MK Plus can run just fine in lr-mame2016 with a Pi4.

  • @GreenHawk84 said in Mortal Kombat Plus+ Compatibility:

    FBNeo plays MK games in general inaccurately

    Yes, it has been mentioned a few times, and i think mame2003 and mame2010 got their own issues on those games. You need a recent version of mame to play those games accurately.

  • The guys over at MK Plus are interested in getting it going on lr-mame2016. I will update this thread if I find they updated the core to support it. Right now they have an updated Mame2010 core that can be used in Retropie but I am not sure how to compile an alternate core and replace the lr-mame2010 build available. Can that copy of lr-mame2010 be added to the list?

  • Did you get this running I patched mk2 and umk3 ROMs from 2003,2010 and 2016 romsets and I got nada

  • @gorgar19 not sure your source but I do have working roms of MK2+ and UMK3+ that work [inaccurately] on FBNeo. I also downloaded their official patch files at the MK Plus website and their custom Mame core and was able to get it running on my desktop PC. I do not believe anything that comes vanilla on Retropie aside FBNeo will work right now. As I said regular original MK2/UMK3 roms work fine on Mame2016 with a Pi4. The MK Plus team does NOT provide the parent Mortal Kombat roms.

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