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Strange issue with artwork being squashed

  • I'm using latest retropie.
    Pi4 2gb official retropie image, power supply etc
    Default settings
    Updated everything using retropie update
    Themes installed carbon and epic noir
    I'm having issues for approx 2 weeks
    When I add any artwork of 800x600
    From either downloading picture from the net or skraper they are squashed on any theme I use.
    Narrowed in size, this started happening a few weeks ago.

    I tried adjusting vram etc but didn't make any change so put back to default.

    If I choose detail gamelist view the images I add show correctly.

    But then no video which Is default behavior

    If I choose video or auto then any new added squashed resolution not wide even though 800x600 like rest of images and png format.

    I also tried copying an old image what displays correctly renaming it and adding as a new image to a game and it still gets squashed.

    Also tried manually creating xml entry for game without video
    Hopefully somebody can help.

    PS love retropie🐦👍


  • Global Moderator

    What's your screen resolution ?

  • @mitu

    My son has been trying to help me figure it out but still no joy.

    I created new xml for dos and still I have an issue with just 1 cover.

    I tried renaming another cover what displays correctly to the game which doesn't and it makes that one go squashed.

    Issue still remains just 1 cover causing issue at the moment.

    I tried changing all permissions to same as other folders. Now I'm in process of backing up pc folder deleting it and copying over again.

  • Global Moderator

    @Simrose said in Strange issue with artwork being squashed:

    Issue still remains just 1 cover causing issue at the moment.

    So all the other covers are ok, even if they have the same size (800x600), just for one of the entries in the gamelist the issue happens ?

  • @mitu
    Yes all over covers are great it's very unusual.

    It doesn't matter its only just the one cover it was 2 previously the other one seemed to get fixed by deleting the entry in gamelist and making it again but same thing not working with this one.

    It shows correct in a different gamelist view which is strange.
    PS similar behaviour happens when I goto add a game to favourites I see the artwork squashed but it goes back to normal straight after

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