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Switch Buttons only in Emulationstation

  • Hi,

    how can i change buttons only to control emulationstation? The Gamepad works but i want to change some buttons. Is there something like retroarch.cfg where i can change buttons for a core? Or is the only way to change the mapping that i have made directly after the first boot?

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    You can run the input configuration again, from the EmulationStation menu, if you want to change the mappings. Note that re-configuration will also re-configure the mappings for the emulators, according to the new mapping.

    EDIT: the configuration file holding the input settings for EmulationStation is in $HOME/.emulationstation/es_input.cfg.

  • I have changed the es_input.cfg and it works.

    But i have a similiar problem with the core mapping and the retroarch gui. I can change the mapping for each core and that works perfect. But then i have different control settings when i start the RGUI. Sometimes A is 'select', sometimes A is 'back'. Can i change the mapping only for the gameplay and not for RGUI?

    I know i can do this for each game.

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    You can re-map your buttons through Core input remapping - -, without changing the controller's auto-configuration.

  • I have copied the config file from all/retroarch-joypads to a New retroarch-joypads folder in the SNES folder. Then i have add an extra line in SNES/retroarch.cfg. is this the same core-input mapping? I prefer the remapping using the command line because i can simple backup the files.

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    @Carey said in Switch Buttons only in Emulationstation:

    is this the same core-input mapping?

    No, that's different.

    I prefer the remapping using the command line because i can simple backup the files.

    The remaps files are simple text files, with the .rmp extension. They can be easily backed-up/restored.

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