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Poor C64 Vice performance on Epyx "Impossible Mission"

  • Hi there, this is my very first post, so hopefully not making mistakes.
    I have very recently bought a pre-built Zarcade Z8. Main purpose is to play my favourite C64 game of 35 years ago, Epyx Impossible Mission.
    However, the screen performance is quite poor.
    Scrolling is lagging and my character is moving slow. Barely playable.
    Raspberry Pi 3B+
    Retropie 4.6.4
    ES v 2.9.3 RP
    Vice 3.4 Rev 38100

    As there are so many potential settings to tweak in Vice, I'm getting desperate.

    Can anybody help with a golden tip, preferably someone with the same Zarcade/Vice setup?

  • I think I found it:
    Set "Refresh Rate" from "Automatic" to "1/1" and leave CPU speed at 100%.

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