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  • Hello all. I recently updated from a pi3 to a pi4 retropie image.
    In have a 4 player cabinet(2 xinmos) and im trying to rebind controls button, hotkeys and also swap player 3 and 4.
    Normally i would simply open GUI, bind my buttons, hotkey, change device index to swap players 3 and 4, save on exit turned ON and quit retroarch. Viola all fixed. At least that's what works on my old pi 3. But it doesnt work on my pi4 image. It keeps reverting back to the configs before i made the changes.
    Is there a comment i need to remove somewhere to make sure mt changes stick?
    Im stuck guys. i could really use the help. Thanks in advance

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    Did you start RetroArch from the RetroPie menu or you applied the settings after starting a game ?

  • @mitu i tried both. From the retroarch menu in ES and while in a game

  • @mitu i was able to winscp in, find the retroarch.cfg and change the button binding manually. So that seems to be the only way my changes will stick. However im unable to find the index setting so i can swap players 3 and 4. Worse case scenario im gonna have to just rewire the players 3 and 4 but im really really trying to avoid doing that

  • @Linkseo You can try @meleu's joystick selection script to assign the controllers to different players.

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    @Linkseo said in Retroarch binding not saving even when save on exit ON:

    However im unable to find the index setting so i can swap players 3 and 4.

    It's under the Controls menu in RetroArch's RGUI, under each Port/Player - the index of the gamepad. Once you set it right, you can then save the core remap.

  • @mitu yeah that option falls in the same place as binding the buttons. So when i change the index, it always reverts back when i start the rom again. no matter what i do it wont stick.

    Save core remap,
    save game remap,
    save current configuration,
    save new configuration.
    Save on exit ON

    Nothing sticks.
    The only thing that seems to stick is to go in the file through winscp on my computer ,make the changes there and saving. That works fine for remapping buttons. But i Cant find the player index rows in the file.
    Hmm maybe i can just change player_input_3 to player_input_4? I didnt think of that.

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