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System start scripts showing in EmulationStation lists

  • After running into some various issues (likely due to inexperience with Retropie or Linux-based systems in general), I figured it was better to just start over with a clean install. I re-imaged my SD card and did a clean install. Upon EmulationStation launching, I noticed it was already showing some systems in the carousel, despite not having added any ROMs yet. In these systems (Amiga, Dreamcast, Macintosh, MS-DOS, ScummVM, Z-Machine, and ZX Spectrum), I have .sh files, usually titled something like +Start. I've tried hiding them through the select menu, tried checking for that extension in my es_systems.cfg file, but no luck. I haven't deleted them as I didn't want to cause any issues. Is there a way to keep these from showing?

    Pi Model: 4B+
    Power Supply: Pi Brand Supply
    RetroPie Version: 4.6.7
    Built From: RPi Imager to microSD
    USB Devices: WD 2TB external HDD
    Controller: Xbox One S controller, wired

  • @XEntombmentX
    You could move those directory's to a backup directory and then emulationstation will not see them anymore.
    In the future you can always restore them if you want.

  • @Folly I'll try this out. Though, I am worried that if I move the ones for systems I have ROMs for (Amiga and ZX Spectrum), those won't work anymore.

  • Global Moderator

    @XEntombmentX Some of the systems rely on that start script - MS-DOS, ScummVM, ZXSpectrum. But, by default, they will not appear if you don't install the emulators - so if you don't want to have them there, then don't install the corresponding emulator.

  • @mitu Ah okay, so for the ones I do have ROMs for, they're just going to be in the list no matter what?

  • Global Moderator

    @XEntombmentX If you want to remove them, then feel free to create your custom EmulationStation configuration file and delete the .sh extension for the system. The scripts will still be there, but they won't be shown.
    Some are needed for configuration of the system (start Amiberry and configure it or scan for ScummVM games) and some for launching every game of the system (though hiding the entries won't affect game launching).

  • @mitu Thanks! That's exactly what I was wanting to do. I had checked that before, but I must not have checked hard enough :P

  • Global Moderator

    @XEntombmentX Make sure you understand what that entails - you'll have to maintain the custom configuration manually. Each time a new system is added (you install a new emulator) you'll have to manually copy the new system entries from the system config to the custom one.

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