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PSX cheat folder changes? And is RetroArch git safe?

  • Had a difficult time so thought I would share for others that had trouble finding the PSX cheats

    • Pi4b 8GB
    • Argon1 18W 3.5A
    • RetroPie 4.6.7
    • SD Image from RetroPie website installed via Raspberry Pi Imager onto SD for first install
    • usbromservice installed
    • 512GB flash drive for RetroPie and files
    • keyboard,mouse,512GB flash drive
    • 8bitdo SN30 Pro
    • lr-pcsx-rearmed
    • RetroArch git version 9552f87

    RertroArch online updater enabled
    a little unintuitive, after launch game press hotkey+x, press b to go from RetroArch quick menu to main menu, go to settings>user interface
    Cheat updater downloads zip and extracts successfully

    Retropie Playstation PCSX-ReARMed cheats folder empty

    Snes9x folder also empty

    Cheats for PSX are in /Sony - Playstation/ folder
    Cheats for SNES are in /Nintendo - Super Nintendo Entertainment System

    Was this cheats folder location from some emulators changed recently?
    And considering the RetroArch security breach in August 2020, is this git safe again?

    Thanks for being awesome!

  • @90sNostalgia

    i'm not an expert .. but the paths in the Retropie Wiki look different to yours ?

  • @ReadyPlayaWon maybe because I am using the usbromservice package to use a USB to host files (roms and themes) after the initial install which uses a SD card. A lot of benefits, larger capacity, faster file transfer speeds, easier to maintain and more sturdy storage medium, also newest RetroPie supports NTFS this way as well.

    It may be my folder structures are different due to this. I do not know. But I have not change anything from standard install procedures for everything, other than just enabling that optional package usbromservice and sticking in a USB drive with my roms in the relevant folders.

  • Global Moderator

    I'm not sure the download location has changed, I don't see the doc page reference a precise location for each system. The cheats are downloaded from the Libretro buildbot AFAIK, not directly via git, the archive is generated from Both have been restored after the hack incident a while ago, so it shouldn't be an issue.

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