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  • @BuZz i cant see the link, its a raspberry 4 with 4gb

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    @Codafire said in N64 libretto emulators not working:

    i cant see the link

    most likely Step 5 and the stuff below it

  • @ReadyPlayaWon ok thanks!!! here we go

    Pi Model: 4 4gb
    Power Supply used: 5v 3amp
    RetroPie Version Used 4.6.8
    Built From: Pre made SD Image from retropie official
    USB Devices connected: 1 gamepad
    Controller used: playstation 2 type gamepad
    Error messages received: N64 games go back to select game menu when using libretro emulators, it occurs with all file extensions (n64, z64, zip...) And all roms

    I come from working with a pi 3b+, im not new installing and configuring but i dont know what its going wrong here, the only changes i made to the original image from retropie web was, change config file from boot unit for hdmi problems when powering up raspberry, update it from source to 4.6.8, switching main menu controls A - B and activating SSH to acces throught Putty and WinSCP.

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    @Codafire slow down the language, we're trying to keep this forum an all ages place.

    Regarding your issue - please get a verbose log from running the game and post it on

  • Mmmmmm, thats strange.... I tested it in a 7" truck monitor and in a PC monitor and libretro n64 emulators runs perfectly.... only not working on de TV.... Maybe an issue of HDMI?

  • This is the verbose log:

    Executing: /opt/retropie/emulators/retroarch/bin/retroarch -L /opt/retropie/libretrocores/lr-mupen64plus/ --config /opt/retropie/configs/n64/retroarch.cfg "/home/pi/RetroPie/roms/n64/Super Mario 64 (USA).zip" --appendconfig /dev/shm/retroarch.cfg
    plugin_start_gfx success.

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    Not really, you didn't choose the verbose log option when you started the game - the log should be much larger, that's why I asked to use (it's difficult to search/look at the text in a single forum post).

    If it works on other display types, then maybe the resolution is a factor - what resolution do you have on your TV ?

  • I hope this time its ok:

    The TV its a 32", i dont know exactly the resolution, it works in a 26" PC monitor.

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    The resolution is 1080p (1920x1080), I don't find any errors in the file - except that the ROM looks like a hack (?), the archive says is 'Super Mario 64 (USA).zip', but the ROM is actually 'Super Wario 64 V1.0 by Rulesless (Super Mario 64 Hack)'.
    Can you use the Runcommand launch menu and switch resolution - before launching a game - to 800x600 ? See if that produces a different result.

  • @mitu ok mate i try this weekend (i have this TV in other house) the hack its because its a game translated to my language (spanish) thats why it appears like a hacked game, but it occurs too with the others rom, i will try that. Thanks a lot!!!

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