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  • I've been installing DOOM on RetroPie 4.6 using lr-prboom, and I've go two questions.

    • lr-prboom installs prboom.wad on /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/ports/doom and every script suggested on the documentation page states that prboom.wad should be on the game directory. Is there any way to not have prboom.wad (and other files) duplicated? (i.e.: Sigil needs DOOM.WAD from Ultimate Doom and prboom.wad installed in it's own directory).

    • Sigil script seems a good example for other mods/TCs that uses a single WAD, but Aliens TC and Starwars TC also have a DEH file. How is that DEH file used in lr-prboom?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Ok, it seems that I can use ln to link those files...

  • And again, I've overlooked an easy solution.

    prboom.cfg includes the ability to define both WAD files (wadfile_1..wadfile8) and DEH/BEX files (dehfile_1 and dehfile_2).

    So far, I've managed to run Aliens TC, Star Wars, Star Wars for Doom 2, Hacx and laffdoom.

    So please, can anyone mark this topic as SOLVED?

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    @Zup said in Installing doom mods/TCs?:

    So please, can anyone mark this topic as SOLVED?

    You can edit your first post and add it - doesn't it work ?

  • @mitu Sorry, but it seems that I can only edit my posts during a limited time. After some time has passed, the edit option dissappears.

    I don't know if it is because I'm a new user or if it is the same for everyone.

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