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Wireless Xbox 360 controller issues in Kodi 16.1 on RetroPie 4.0.1

  • Pi Model: 3 B
    Built From: SD Image

    I was using RetroPie 3.8.1, 4.0-rc1 then rc2 and Kodi was working great with my Xbox 360 controller. Then I did a fresh SD image for RetroPie 4.0 then updated to 4.0.1. I installed Kodi and the first time I load it up it will show the screen and make the boot chime then it immediately went to a black screen for about 2 seconds then goes back to EmulationStation. The 2nd time and after when I start Kodi it just starts moving to the far left and right dpad goes down, left dpad goes up and up and down dpads do nothing.

    The left analog stick does nothing except if you press it in, it will wrap around to the far right but it just keeps going until it stop at the far left again. Pressing in the right analog stick makes it move to the right but then goes back to the far left again.

    It just sound like it is mapped incorrectly but the move to the far left is very odd. I'm not sure which .xml file it uses or I would edit it myself.

    This guy has the same issue as me:

    My Xbox controller works just fine everywhere else in RetroPie.

    I also tried removing ~/.kodi directory and it does the 2 second black screen thing like the first time and the 2nd time same as above. Also tried uninstalling Kodi, removing ~/.kodi directory, updating RetroPie Setup script and then reinstalling Kodi but also does the same as above.


    To get this working with an Xbox 360 controller, try using my custom joystick.Microsoft.Xbox.360.Controller.xml file and put it into the /usr/share/kodi/system/keymaps/ directory but make sure to make a backup of the original joystick.Microsoft.Xbox.360.Controller.xml file first!

    Please note that the left analog stick is used for navigation because if I used the dpad it moves 2 spots for some reason so now the dpad is for volume up and down.

  • What's the driver you are using ? xpad or xboxdrv ? If you dont know, please post some logs, like runcommand and the kodi.log.

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    @backstander xboxdrv doesn't work with the latest kernel and the xpad driver with our trigger patches don't work on kodi. So pick your poison.

    In theory kodi 17 should fix it with its swanky new joypad config tool once that's compiled and updated for RetroPie (whenever @Rascas decides to do a new build)

  • @Rascas
    I'm using xpad and before on older versions of RetroPie when Kodi worked I was using xboxdrv with downgraded kernel.

    Okay, I guess I'll just have to wait until Kodi 17 is built and working. I was hoping not to downgrade the kernel to use xboxdrv.

    Kodi 16.1 works fine with my little wireless keyboard and from my Android phone using Kore. I just have to turn off my Xbox controller or it will move to the far left on every menu.

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    @backstander if you do want it to work with the current kodi there is probably a way to edit the existing Xbox xml config to change the triggers to button values but it would require changing the whole xml as the button codes changed for most buttons compared to the last default config for the xbox

  • @herb_fargus I tried making changes to these 2 files but didn't seam to make any difference in Kodi

    If anyone out there knows how to tell which file Kodi uses for the Xbox 360 controllers, I'd be glad to hack away at it and if I get something to work I'll post my finding here.

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    @backstander make a backup file of /usr/share/kodi/system/keymaps/joystick.Microsoft.Xbox.360.Controller.xml and then delete the file and start from scratch based on

    Might give you a better idea which buttons do what rather than slogging through the conflicts of the default xml

  • After some playing around with the joystick.Microsoft.Xbox.360.Controller.xml file and running jstest /dev/input/js0 I discovered that what the jstest number is you have to add 1 to it for the xml file. For example if the jstest says button A = 0 then button A = 1 in the xml file.

    Here is my mapping for my setup (if I redo the whole file I'll post it to Pastebin because it will probably be big):

    <!-- Linux alterations for default Xpad Driver -->
    <!-- Button Mappings in Windows:               -->
    <!--                                           -->
    <!-- ID              Button                    -->
    <!--                                           -->
    <!-- 1               A                         -->
    <!-- 2               B                         -->
    <!-- 3               X                         -->
    <!-- 4               Y                         -->
    <!-- 5               Left Shoulder             -->
    <!-- 6               Right Shoulder            -->
    <!-- 7               Left Trigger (linux)      -->
    <!-- 8               Right Trigger (linux)     -->
    <!-- 9               Back                      -->
    <!-- 10              Start                     -->
    <!-- 11              Guide                     -->
    <!-- 12              Left Stick Button         -->
    <!-- 13              Right Stick Button        -->
    <!-- 14              D-Pad Left                -->
    <!-- 15              D-Pad Right               -->
    <!-- 16              D-Pad Up                  -->
    <!-- 17              D-Pad Down                -->
    <!-- Axis Mappings:                     -->
    <!--                                    -->
    <!-- ID              Button             -->
    <!--                                    -->
    <!-- 1 limit +1      Left Stick Right   -->
    <!-- 1 limit -1      Left Stick Left    -->
    <!-- 2 limit +1      Left Stick Down    -->
    <!-- 2 limit -1      Left Stick Up      -->
    <!-- 3 limit +1      Right Stick Right  -->
    <!-- 3 limit -1      Right Stick Left   -->
    <!-- 4 limit +1      Right Stick Down   -->
    <!-- 4 limit -1      Right Stick Up     -->
    <!-- Hat Mappings for some drivers:   -->
    <!--                                  -->
    <!-- ID  Position    Button           -->
    <!--                                  -->
    <!-- 1   up          D-Pad Up         -->
    <!-- 1   down        D-Pad Down       -->
    <!-- 1   left        D-Pad Left       -->
    <!-- 1   right       D-Pad Right      -->

  • Here is a work in progress of my joystick.Microsoft.Xbox.360.Controller.xml file:

    Edit: I should note that this config uses the left analog stick to move through the menus. I tried setting the dpad but no matter what I tried it would move 2 places in the menu so it was like double tapping all the time.

  • Just a heads up!

    I ran sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade yesterday and it updated my xpad driver and now the buttons have changed again. I had to use my keyboard to navigate to the Controller Configurations UI in Emulation Station to reconfigure my Xbox 360 controller. Also Kodi 16.1 was completely messed up again so I uninstalled Kodi from the RetroPie Setup Script and completely deleted everything in /usr/share/kodi/. Then I reinstalled Kodi which give me the original joystick.Microsoft.Xbox.360.Controller.xml configurations. Kodi is working except the dpad will move 2 places like it is being double tapped. This was the same issue as before and is why I setup the left analog stick to navigate and the dpad to volume up and down in my custom joystick.Microsoft.Xbox.360.Controller.xml file above.

    Does anyone know what could fix the dpad double tap in Kodi? No where else in RetroPie has this issue.

  • I actually fixed this by just running the Update All Installed Packages from the RetroPie Setup Script. I now have the trigger patched xpad driver again and my joystick.Microsoft.Xbox.360.Controller.xml file works for Kodi again!

  • I've followed your suggestion and copied the file into my directory yet when I launch Kodi, nothing changes. It doesn't seem to load the new keymap. It maybe worked once and had the issue of a double press on d-pad left or right and then when I went to relaunch it, it was back to being issue #1 as you described it. I've looked in the logs for Kodi and it seems to be recognizing the input as the 360 wireless controller but not loading the keymap that I've added to the directory. Any suggestions on where I should look to try and narrow this down?

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    @beankid just install the kodi 17 update and it will work (it's on the forum if you search it)

  • great that works out!!!! Finally!

  • @backstander I tried using you config but then the controller does not work in kodi at all, I ended up downgrading the kernel and it's working fine now in Kodi. Still having trouble with Amiga emulation though..

  • @Rascas has posted that "Kodi 17 beta 7 available for RetroPie"

    This has a kodi-peripheral-joystick addon that should help you get your controllers working in Kodi.

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