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N64 EMU Proper Setup?

  • im trying to set up the N64 emu, but im running into a bit of a problem

    im running into lag issues when i run certain games, like super smash bros

    i can sort of fix the lag if i use a different plugin, but then certain textures dont appear and video glitches occur (and it still lags, just not as much)
    so i stick with mupen64plus-gles2rice to avoid having to look at nintendo characters who possibly had to use the amnesia games as a shortcut to get to my emulator.

    im hoping i dont have to overclock my pi to run n64 games. well if i have to i will, i just dont have the proper case to cool the pi with, and i dont really feel like waiting more than a week for an order from amazon.

    halp? pls and thanks

  • N64 doesn't flawlessly work on the Pi. Overclocking a little does help, but some games will always have lag, some unplayable. It's a shame but I think until we see a Pi 4, this will always be the issue.

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