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Which emulator/settings to play Zelda - Ocarina of Time properly?

  • I've been playing Legend Zelda - OOT and it works pretty much flawlessly except for a few edge cases where it completely glitches out.
    The two I have found so far is Saria house (I think) in the starting village (right next to Link's house) and when entering the boss area in the Deku tree.
    At the moment I can't progress any further because of this

    Here's a video of someone who's gotten further:

    And I'm pretty sure when I was playing around with an earlier version of RetroPie, I managed to get into the Deku tree boss fight area without problems

    I'm currently using Glupen64, and when I enter these areas, the screen just goes glitched out with a mess of colours
    On Mupen64Plus with Glide or Rice, there are also issues here but the screen just goes black unresponsive.
    I tried turning framebuffering off, but this just made the screen go black then the rom crash instead of the crazy colours

    Can anyone who's gotten the game working share their settings/emulator config??


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