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  • This is the second MAME Random Of the Week "Tournament".

    I repeated the steps suggested by @dankcushions and added some more filters.
    I took the 0.78 compatibility list and applied the following filters (in this order):

    1. Parent: (empty)
    2. Rpi 3 Status: (empty), OK, Untested
    3. Rpi 2 Status: OK, Untested
    4. Rpi 1 Status: Untested
    5. Manufacturer: clear the "bootleg" checkbox

    Saved a new spreadsheet with only the results of those filters here:

    And then went to and generated a random number between 2 and 2185 (ignoring 1 because of the column headers).

    The result for this week is: 147

    Game Name: Blue's Journey / Raguy
    Company: Alpha Denshi Co.
    Year: 1990
    ROM file name:

    I've never played it before...

    Happy gaming guys!!!

  • This game looks fun, never heard of it before. So, best score wins?

  • Great. I should be able to participate this week since I'm on vication.
    Congratulations @R1n0X with last weeks victory :D

  • It seems to be a great Game but I never played before. :(

  • @lilbud said in MAME ROW #2: Blue's Journey / Raguy:

    So, best score wins?

    Yes, and as a reward the winner gets an ego massage. :-)

    Edit: oh! You are talking about the Blue's Journey... Hmmm... Wins who have more fun! :-)

  • seems like fun. i am so sad that my high score was wiped. like other games, bosconian wiped my high score with was about 40-50 thousand. :(

  • Watching the game demo I realized that it can be played as coop. This can be fun.

  • @Cole_48 Are you using lr-mame2003?

    There's a bit on the Wiki about enabling High Scores so they are remembered between sessions and not wiped every time you restart the game.

  • i am using mame4all my galago and new rally x scores were saved but not bosconian

  • @qix77 @lilbud @Cole_48 @dankcushions @GtBFilms @Lyle_JP @R1n0X @cyperghost @Brigane @obsidianspider @mediamogul @UDb23 @backstander

    Well, I played Blue's Journey and beated the game (using hundreds of coins, of course). I liked, I didn't even know this game and it's fun to play with my kid. But...

    To be honest I kinda miss that previous style of game (Phoenix, New Rally X and Bosconian). Repetitive, each stage increase the difficulty, score matters... I would like to know if it happened to you guys too.

    If we go on a random game from 0.78 romset we can get Street Fighter II, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, Captain Commando, The King of Fighters, Metal Slug, Marvel vs Capcom... Those are great games, but I feel like we want to discover some real old gems.

    So I would like to propose one more filter for the next week game list: games from before 1985. What do you guys think?

  • I was away on business for almost two weeks and just got home, so I'm up for whatever is chosen in the next round.

  • @meleu I agree.

  • I don't know if the hard year limit is the way to go about it. You'd be missing out on some extraordinary post-1985 shooter series like Darius, R-Type, and Gradius. Those three series make up 9+ games depending on how you count them, all playable on pi2 and 3 hardware. And then there are some titles that, while not classics, would be fantastic contests anyway, like Zero Wing, the Fantasy Zone and TwinBee series, or even Airwolf (that earworm will never leave you), or the manic shooters like the Aero Fighters/Sonic Wings series, or anything from Atlus/Cave (those could be some awfully short games for many of us, but why can't that be fun, too?).

    No, I don't care for the hard year limit. But three rules I would be completely down with adopting are:

    1. Reject any game for which there is no clearly numeric scoring system. No sense in posting scores if there aren't any in the strictest sense.
    2. Since we're posting the titles Monday, perhaps if there's a general consensus by Wednesday (or earlier) that the game simply sucks out loud, another should be randomly picked. I'm not sure how formal that process needs to be. I'm hoping that most of the time it will just be obvious.
    3. Reject games which require some sort of analog input (dials, wheels, pedals, trackballs, flight sticks, rotary joysticks, etc.). By sticking to 8-way plus buttons, we maximize participation. If this is already being done, sorry for bringing it up.

  • @meleu Should this round include Monday? It's Columbus Day here in the states, but I am not sure if that exists in other countries.

    It was also my birthday yesterday.

  • @meleu
    Annother idea but it will complicate the process a bit.
    Maybe if you still use the old game rules but you make 5 random selected games and then the forum jury (the whole forum of course!) make decision via poll what game is next. I played also Blue journey but well... it isn't the same style as the old classics before.

    Or like you already mentioned ... use a filter from 1900-1985 ... but well there were lots of awful games developed during the first video crash in 1983 :(

  • @lilbud said in MAME ROW #2: Blue's Journey / Raguy:

    @meleu Should this round include Monday?

    Sure! I believe anyone can post anything (hi-score, strategies, etc.) in any previous rounds threads about the respective game! We aren't that rigorous (I think).

    It's Columbus Day here in the states, but I am not sure if that exists in other countries.

    For curiosity: there's no such day here in Brazil.

    It was also my birthday yesterday.

    If we were on the same city we would play some Marvel vs. Capcom (or maybe SNES Bomber Man 4 players fighting) in celebration of your day. And if you were completing 21 years we could take a few beers... :-)

    For curiosity (2): in Brazil people are allowed to drink when complete 18 years.

  • @meleu I'm still a few years off of drinking yet.
    Even in Brazil.

  • I liked the @cyperghost first idea, but would like to limit to 3 options. I created a poll about this all, please vote:

  • @lilbud I looked up Columbus Day and it says that Americas and surprisingly also Italy, Spain and other various Little Italys celebrate this holiday except some U.S. states; Hawaii, Alaska, Oregon, and South Dakota do not recognize Columbus Day at all; however, Hawaii and South Dakota mark the day with an alternative holiday. Also Canada observes their Thanksgiving Day on that day. This is our history lesson of the day :-)

    @cyperghost I like the voting idea as well!

  • @backstander Columbus day is in the list of italian celebrative days; but it's not a holiday in Italy (unfortunately!)

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