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Switch turns off, but not back on again

  • Sorry if this is posted somewhere else (I looked, I swear), and if I may be understanding the installation wrong....


    I have the Control Block installed, and working, I have a switch on it. When I turn the switch off, the pie shuts down as expected. Turning the switch back on does not turn the pie back on.

    Currently have the USB power to the pie, and the USB port on the control block empty. I once had tried the USB power to the control block , but it seemed to not power up the pie. that being said, now that I am typing this, I realize that I didn't have a switch installed at the time.

    Would this be the issue?

  • Hi,

    I have the Powerblock rather than the ControlBlock but I imagine they work the same way from this point of view.

    Your power cable needs to go into the PowerBlock/Controlblock.

    The switch (latching switch) on the controlblock/powerblock will then power up and down the Pi.

    You don't use the power socket on the Pi any more, if you do, you are basically bypassing the Powerblock/ControlBlock.

    I'm not sure how you managed to shutdown using the switch if the ControlBlock didn't have the power connected!

    If you didn't have the switch connected originally (when the power was connected to the controlblock) - that's why the pi didn't power up.

    You can (just about) see on this photo that the USB power goes into the powerblock and the raspberry pi power input (which is under the powerblock and to the right of this photo) has nothing plugged in to it. I'm guessing the ControlBlock will be the same.


  • Thanks for the prompt response! Its very possible that I didn't have the drivers installed at the time?

    Got a little too ahead of myself maybe...

    i'll give this a try tonight!

  • This was my issue, once I plugged the power into the control block and not the Pie, it worked as it should.

    Thanks for the clarification!

  • @electricmagma excellent, glad to hear it's working!

  • Global Moderator

    Glad to hear that it is working for you now!

    @GtBFilms said in Switch turns off, but not back on again:

    I have the Powerblock rather than the ControlBlock but I imagine they work the same way from this point of view.

    Yes - the power switching functionalities work in the same way for the ControlBlock as well as for the PowerBlock.

  • @GtBFilms He used it to shutdown the system, but not the actual hardware.

  • @petrockblog You might want to add a bit more explanatory wording to the Control Block installation page. It might be intuitive to most, but I missed it, too, initially.

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