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Tiger Electronics

  • Hi Guys,

    I'm embarrassed to even suggest this, but is this even possible? It'd never have thought so but I saw Game & Watch is possible, and wondered about this?

    I'm not sure how sought after this would be, but certainly from a nostalgia point of view, I'd love to see these old pieces of junk again!

  • @morrisav10 Ha! posted it in the wrong place! sorry guys.

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    @morrisav10 it is certainly possible but... just hasn't been done yet.

    The game and watch games were done by the very talented madrigal, I reached out to him but he expressed no interest in The tiger handhelds. He's more or less done with that stuff.

    There is a guy on the assembly forums that has a very sizeable collection of the information needed to create them but I didn't ever get a response from him:

    Also you have to understand the difference between simulation and emulation. The game and watch stuff is technically simulation- he takes the scans of the games and simulates the game by trying to match his code to replicate the gameplay, whereas to properly emulate them you'd have to decap (or basically reverse engineer the hardware with a really intensive process of acids and microscopes) and then find a way to dump the ROM which would probably be best utilised through the MAME/MESS project .

    In short no not done yet but it's possible with lots of work. In the meantime you can play online games

  • @herb_fargus Thank you for the detailed response, It's nice to know that it might one day be possible.

    w/ regards to the game & watch, without wanting to fall foul of your ROM rules on the forum, there's a few games missing that I'd love to have, Is it the case that some games, Super Mario in particular have never been done?

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    @morrisav10 all the games done will be on retroarch's buildbot site, so whatever they have sourced there is it. Game and watch games are a grey area but should be simple enough to find.

  • @herb_fargus Thank you! Will wait and hope :)

  • @herb_fargus There's a group of developers from Russia that have created a Game&Watch Emulator.

    In the notes about the

    of the program on Youtube they claim: "Handheld Quake is a PC emulator with 17 electronic games from Nintendo. In the USSR under the name "Electronics" produced a series of electronic games are essentially similar clones and variations series Nintendo Game & Watch. "

    alt text

    On the Emulator's homepage there's even a linux version, so maybe it can be ported to Raspberry.
    It is unclear if it's a real emulator or a simulator but still it would be nice to have also Game&Watch under Retropie (I owned the original FIRE G&W as a kid ..).

  • They've added some Tiger Electronics games to MAME!

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    @hooperre Sean riddle is the man. The svg approach is an interesting one.

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