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Nintendo64 - do i need both files? (.V64 + N.64 as the file-ending)

  • Hi everyone.. ive tried to check up the correct answer thru google.. but maybe i will get a more reliable answer here! :)

    In my N64-folder i have about 8gb of files..

    But many of these games seems to be identical, with the difference that some has .Z64 at the end, and some have .V64 at the end of the file..

    Otherwise it can be small changes like "2" / "II" but still seems to be the same game

    Do i really need both? The mediasize is exactly the same to..

    And if i dont need both.. how do i know which one to keep?

  • They're the same file, just with different filenames. You can choose one or the other.

    GoodN64 or DAT-o-MATIC and clrmamepro or Romcenter can be used to verify your ROMs and remove duplicates.

  • @suprjami

    Thanks for quick reply.. this saved me about 4gb of space :)

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