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Genesis Plus GX Shader Issue

  • I found a great shader combination that works on all of the emulators I've tried to make a look I really like. This includes SNES, GBA, Sega Genesis using Picodrive, etc. This is all in RetroPie using Raspberry Pi 3

    But unfortunately when I run this same shader setup with genesis plus gx, get some strange vertical rainbow line artifacts. I can kinda get rid of them by enabling the billinear filter setting in the video settings but not entirely. Since this is the only emulator supporting EEPROM emulation correctly, I need to use it to play a game I like. Why might this difference be for only this emulator when all others are working correctly? What should I look into given the description of the problem?


  • Hi @Juryiel ,

    You haven't given us a lot to go on. What shaders are you using, and what options are you using on them (a picture of the shaders screen would probably be enough detail)? What resolution is the emulator running at, and have you forced a specific resolution in RunCommand for this emulator? Sometimes you get issues if the output of the shaders doesn't align correctly with the output resolution of the emulator.


  • For anyone interested, I was able to figure this out,

    I was using crt-pi shader, but for whatever reason this causes problems with genesis plus gx. Using crt-pi-vertical shader produces the identical results that I get in other emus using crt-pi shader.

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