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PS1 BIOS Help!! Won't Read My BIOS

  • I am having Hard Time with Retropie Reading my PS1 Bio's I'm Running Newest Version of Retropie on my Raspberry Pi 3 B, I'm guessing it would be BIOS I drop it into the BIOS Folder in Retropie 4.0.2 PS1 BIOS Doesn't show up when I reboot Retropie I have at least 1 Game Wont Work!!! Pepsi Man Game!! Don't Know What To Do??? Using BIOS Version SCPH1001.Bin Please Help!!! Any Good Sites download a different one i tried a couple different sites to download this one..

  • @Chicago32 you need all caps including the .BIN

  • Retropie Bios Wiki
    I have added the official bios.dat from Libretro. Use Clrmamepro to scan.

  • @edmaul69 Yea they are all in caps SCPH1001.BIN all in caps like that idk dont make sense to me thank for your help by the way...

  • @Rion funny u say that, i seen someone when first put retropie on the pi that had the PS1 bios in the program but tried going back i havent figured out how to find that file now i search the libretro folder u just said only files in that folder folder name is mame-libretro and says emulators.cfg and file retroarch.cfg i dont think those are it.. where can i find the file for bios for ps1 thats build into the program i just had to drag it to the Bios folder thanks for your help...

  • @Chicago32 That's not what @Rion is saying. He means that you will need to use the .dat file to verify that the contents of the bios rom that you have are correct using clrmamepro. It is against the forum rules to ask where you can get roms from. The PS1 bios rom is not provided with retropie. As ever, google is your friend though.

  • When i update retropie from 4.0.1 to 4.0.3 (or 4 i don't remember) i got a lot of problems. Controls stopped working insidee psx games, and the bios wasn't been detected! I put the bios in the psx roms folder and it works.... But I don't get why they launch update that breaks user configuration completely

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