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CPS Roms Folder

  • Suggestion! A CPS roms folder that runs them using FBA just like the neogeo folder runs Neo Geo rims. I like having the Neo Geo roms separate from the rest of games FBA supports, and it would be nice to be able to spin off the CPS ones too.

  • @windjammersfan you can do this yourself. I have my cps folder (really all capcom games fba supports) then you can add more entries in es_systems.cfg to have another system on the main screen. I actually have 2 cps folder. 1 for all 6 button games and one for everything else plus the first street fighter. The reason why is even though it is a libretro emulator i am using, the controllers have to be mapped manually to make any sense. And the button layout is different for 6 button fighting games and everything else

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