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Bartop I Made

  • I made this last November and got some great results, mostly for Mega Drive, Snes and Arcade games, we ended up playing SFIII more than anything else since it was the easiest emulator to set up at that point alongside Mameforall, but through frustration regarding setting up controls and emulators with as much content I sort of stopped working on it and it lay physically complete but not quite software complete.

    It's made from MDF/Compound board, countersunk and screwed, then base coated with primer, sanded extremely smooth, then painted with 2K paint (white van paint) so it was seamed with a glossy finish.

    Internally it's a Raspberry Pi 2, an Ipac2 Keyboard Controller, the buttons were bought online, the first joysticks were cheap and they just didn't cut it, probelms with diagonal controls, so I upgraded them straight away, decent spec ones, SANWA JLF-TP-8YT BALL TOP JOYSTICK which work extremely well are the one thing I've found important on the build, so I'll be keeping these ones on the new model too, they make a great difference.

    But as of 2 weeks ago I went back to discover Retropie had been updated brilliantly, and after struggling with PiFBA the user Meleu instructed me towards LBAlpha and now I've got a much better working system with a lot more games. So these photos are from last year, but now that I've got it working great I'm going to remake the Bartop case, this one is solid and finished decently but it was large and spaced out because I wasn't confident about fitting everything in and wiring it up, but now I know what's involved I'm going to make a new one so that it's slightly smaller and less vulgar and can sit with pride in the house.





  • Can't see the images :(

  • @hiulit My mistake, sorted now

  • Yeah I can see them now! And good job btw! :D

  • @hiulit Thank you. It's just to chunky now, it was good at the time but I know I can make a much better case, plus I'd like to add external USB ports at the front.

  • @RickSanchez81 Can I ask how did you do the detail stencils?

    I love the whole thing. Very nice work!

  • administrators

    Lovely! nice idea to include the button layouts too :)

  • @battlecat Thank you sir, I'm glad you like it. I did love it at the time, it's much better now that I've got the newer emulators installed. However, I still want to get a new case/chassis built.

  • @BuZz Thanks sir. I had planned on laying the buttons out from the beginning, I didn't fancy the idea of somebody trying to play it but not knowing it was only 3 buttons for the Mega Drive but 6 for some of the arcade games.

  • @battlecat The detail on the front and sides are cut vinyl, I just designed them on my computer and cut them on our vinyl cutter at work, it's usually used for signage so the small off-cuts left over are idea for this sort of thing.

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