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  • hello all,
    I just installed CoolCV, and i'm trying to configure my ControlBlock with the coolcv_mappings.txt file. I had to use an older version of CoolCV to find all the keys with the F7 function (F7 is not work with the current version).
    And now all the buttons works perfecly, my only problem is with the up/down and left/right.
    The F7 function is giving me something like this "axis1 key-32767" but when I used in the coolcv_mappings.txt and i run the emulator, coolCV erase it ??? I think is not the good syntax.
    Does some one know how to use the up/down and left/right of the controlBlock with coolCV ?
    Maybe there is some config in controlblock to change the axis to button. If not it could be a good idea to add an "gamepadtype" : "arcade-axis2btn" or it could have both ("gamepadtype" : "arcade-axis_and_btn") in the next version.

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