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retropie stuck

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    Assuming Emulation Station crashed - from an SSH connection please post the output of

    /opt/retropie/supplementary/emulationstation/emulationstation --debug

    Please format it in a code block - see

  • I cant reply with the info for some reason it keeps saying marked as spam.

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    post it on an external pastebin site and link to it

  • Sorry for not reading it. The first thing I did was search relevant issues. By doing that your sticky doesn't appear.

    pi 3b
    SD Image of Raspbian then ran the retropie script
    Just a keyboard and mouse
    Guide used: [link text](link url)
    How to replicate the problem: install retropie then reboot to cmd line and run emulationstation. I am running all of this directly on the pi3 b itself.


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    @pi101 said in retropie stuck:

    Sorry for not reading it. The first thing I did was search relevant issues. By doing that your sticky doesn't appear.

    It is linked when registering on the forum - you have to agree to read it when registering. It is also at the top of every page in bold. So don't see how you missed it.

    I will need to see the output of the command above as mentioned - if you ssh in you can easily copy and paste it (Don't forget to format it in a code block as I asked -

    If you are unable to do this, then I recommend you use a pre-made image, as manual installations are more suited for those that are comfortable at the command prompt.

  • lvl2:   EmulationStation - v2.0.1a, built Oct 22 2016 - 21:35:15
    lvl2:   Creating surface...
    lvl2:   Created window successfully.
    lvl2:   Added unconfigured joystick Microsoft X-Box 360 pad (GUID: 030000005e0400008e02000014010000, instance ID: 0, device index: 0).
    lvl2:   Checking available OpenGL extensions...
    lvl2:    ARB_texture_non_power_of_two: MISSING
    lvl2:   Loading system config file /etc/emulationstation/es_systems.cfg...
    lvl1:   System "amstradcpc" has no games! Ignoring it.
    terminate called after throwing an instance of 'boost::filesystem::filesystem_error'
      what():  boost::filesystem::create_directory: Permission denied: "/home/pi/.emulationstation/gamelists/amstradcpc"

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    somehow the gameslist folder has got the wrong permissions (and possibly others). Did you use a scraper or launch emulationstation as root or do any file management as root ? you will need to chown -R pi:pi /home/pi/.emulationstation/gamelists

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    ok - it's a bug introduced recently by a change in retropiemenu. Fixing. (I see another reference to it on the forum). Would only affect fresh installs.

  • @BuZz
    Awseome. That worked! Thanks a bunch. I did not use a scraper and if I did it would be by mistake as I have no clue what that is. And I tried to launch it with sudo as I was trouble shooting this issue but upon doing so I received an error stating to not run emulationstation with sudo please try again. Something along those lines anyway.

    Appreciate the help.

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    should be fixed now for new installs.

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