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Amiga emulation - two mice?

  • I've not set up Retropie yet - my Pi isn't due to be delivered until 25th December :) - but I'm already planning what I'd like to do with it.

    One of my favourite games of yesteryear was Lemmings on the Amiga, especially in 2-player mode. I think the Amiga version was unique in that, when playing the two player mode, both players could both use a mouse - as anyone who's tried to play Lemmings with a joypad will know, the mouse is the only way to play. I'm certain that full-blown desktop UAE supports two mice (FS-UAE on the Mac certainly does); does either UAE4ALL or UAE4ARM support two mice?

  • Waiting for my Pi as well :) How did the amiga emulation go? :)

  • @KenD the settlers split screen with 2 mice on Amiga was 1 of favorite games. Not had chance to give using 2 mice a go on retropie as I only have 1.

  • Any News? Updates?

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    I'm not near my Pi at the moment, but looking at my .conffile remotely indicates two mice should work just fine. Not being there directly, I don't know if it's possible to select two mice from the input options menu GUI, but in the .conf, the setting should look like:

    ; *** Controller/Input Configuration

  • Yes, the possibility to use two mice simultaneously on those games, created lots of fun.
    Any news on if there is a way to run two mice on any of the amiga emulators on Retropie?

    Please help!

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