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  • After solving my fbcp problem I'm now left with an unusable retroarch (rgui) menu when I press the menu escape key combination Select + X. I used to by able to navigate through this menu using the default d-pad configuration (I use mapped keyboard strokes). This stopped working since 4.1.x. Both the emulated games and ES work fine with the d-pad setup.

    Is there any configuration change I overlooked to make this work again?

  • Ok, I've tried re-setting keyboard input settings in ES but this didn't help. Having a keyboard attached to my Pi I discovered that the rgui menu is usable only using the keyboard arrow keys. This is not what my d-pad keys are mapped to, so I can't use retroarch menu with gameboy zero only. Am I really the only one having this problem in 4.1.x?

  • Yay, it's solved after update tonight. Thx!

  • Why you don't tell how you solved this problem?! I am struggling with it right now but of course can't rely on any earlier issue tracking.

    Ok so I just went to RetroPie serup and did core retroarch package update and it works right now.

  • I said it was solved by updating, how much more can I add?

  • Updating what, how etc.

  • Same problem with new installation.
    I have a GamePI20 and can't use it with 4.7.x version (driver/module not support the Kernel version). I use the 4.6 instead. All working great, the GPIO controller work fine in emulator and ES, but under dos-like menu (Raspbian, emu config, packages updates, etc..) only the Pad key Up don't made the right action (tab over bottom buttons). Is do not happen on SNES clone USB controller.

    @mrvanes , I follow the request of @Melvin-FoX , you have updated, ok, but what are updated ? Kernel ? Setup-script ? I don't want OS upgrade, because if the kernel is updated, the GamePI20 stop working (no LCD, no pad). But if you have updated all, I guest you don't know the lib or other thing that fix exactly .

    (sorry for my poor English)

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