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Folders in the Gameslist

  • Hi,
    I am in the process of sorting all the metadata for my roms, on my arcade games list i have a couple of sub folders, these are for 'shooters' and 'fighters'
    I have done this as there are quite a number of shooters and fighters in my roms (as i like those games) but i didn't want them to 'take over' my games list,

    This works fine and i know you can even use the gameslist.xml to add metadata and image to the folder (which is great) but the folders are sorted alphabetically within the games list, i want them to be at the top of the games list if possible,

    Is there a tag i can use in the gameslist.xml to show them at the top, alternatively is there a way to force them to show at the top using formatting,
    I know in windows this can be achieved by putting square brackets around the folder name (e.g. [Fighters]) as windows sees the square brackets as alphabetically being before A or 0, on Retropie (so i assume linux) they appear at the end of the list,

    I know i could put a 0 or 1 at the start but that then looks stupid in the games list, I quite liked the look of the square brackets as it makes it clear they are folders not roms.

    Is there any way to force these folders to show at the top of my games list which doesn't look hideous


  • In order to make your [Folder] appear at the top of your list, i simply added a space before the bracket. (ie: " [Folder]")
    By doing so, they would also be placed before numbers. It looks pretty neat.

    (Sorry to bring that post back from the dead. I was just having issues with folders and subfolders myself and while searching for answers, i've found this one and figured i could contribute. Even if i presume OP already found a solution, this could be helpful to anyone else having the same problem)

  • @andrewpk200 Also a star / asterisk *should appear at the top of an alphabetical list. So you would see *Shootersetc.

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