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FBAlpha, game performance and audio issues

  • Hi guys

    I am all new to this RetroPie and Raspberry Pi stuff and want to give a big thank you to the people involved.
    I got me the Raspberry Pi 3 recently and installed the latest RetroPie (4.1.5 I think).
    Now my only issue thus far is the FBA emulator. I can get all the games running which is awesome but some of them have audio issues. Game sound is distorted.

    I guess my first question here would be, what can I do to fix that audio issue so that I am able to play let's say "Street Fighter 3rd Strike" or "Street Fighter III - New Generation" with clear audio?
    Currently using the pre-installed lr-fbalpha version and the Raspberry Pi 3 is connected via HDMI to my 42" TV.

    I would be thankful for any help or advice.


  • I thougt that game performance got better but it looks like I was wrong.
    Striker 1945
    Street Fighter 3rd strike
    Street Fighter 3 New Generation
    and a few others run poorly on my current setup.
    Slow frame rate and audio distorted.
    Using the following:

    Raspberry Pi 3 Mode B v1.2
    RetroPie 4.1.5 script
    lr-fbalpha emulator
    Wifi and bluetooth disabled
    5V 2.5A ac plug
    Audio and video through HDMI

    Does anyone out there can play those mentioned games without performance issues on a Raspberry Pi 3? If yes, what is the secret?

  • I can now confirm that those games I mentioned run without any issues or fps drop on a Raspberry Pi 3 IF! you use the right power supply.
    I bought this cheap China kit that had that 5V/2.5A plug and a micro USB cable. That cable was the culprit. I have tried 3-4 micro USB cables that I had laying around
    none of them were able to deliver the needed power to the Pi.
    Today I bought this nylon mesh, gold colored plugs, 2.4A micro USB cable from Verbatim and voila! All is good now. No under voltage, no bolt icon and the games like Street Fighter 3 New Generation or 1945 run great. Some games still have a bit trouble with the sound quality but that seems to be a known issue and has probably not much to do with the power supply.

    So if you out there have performance issues running some games make sure you got the right power supply. I guess the official Raspberry power supply is the safest bet.
    No need for nylon mesh or gold plugs though. ;-)

    how can I mark this topic as solved?

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    how can I mark this topic as solved?

    it needs to be 'asked as question' before the 'mark as solved' button appears. you might not be able to do the first bit once it's already posted.. not sure. i've done both for you :)

  • @dankcushions

    Thank you. :-)

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