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8bitdo controller constantly scrolls when second connects

  • Hey I have my Retropie setup and it's just about perfect now. So I'm going through fixing the niggly things that have been bothering me... things like low quality game images and such.

    But I've been having one problem that I just can't seem to lick... I have two 8bitdo NES30 controllers. Every time I turn the controllers on to connect to the RetroPie, the second one starts scrolling constantly when it connects.

    Exactly this issue:

    I've gone through and applied the Raphnet Kernel patch following the instructions here:

    Unfortunately it seems that patch is only for USB controllers. It has solved the issue for my wired Playstation 3 controllers, but the bluetooth controllers still exhibit the behaviour. Has anyone seen this? Any way to correct this for bluetooth?

    RPi 3 running RetroPie 4.1 with all packages updated as of today. 2x 8bitdo NES30 controllers (bluetooth), 2x Playstation 3 Dual Shock controllers (wired). Linux Kernel updated to 4.4.37-v7+ with Raphnet patch applied.

    Any help is always appreciated.

    • Jeff

  • I should also mention that I'm using the onboard bluetooth and the 8bitdo controllers are on firmware 1.70.

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