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Network share ROMS - missing files

  • I seem to have everything configured properly, but the pi disagrees because I can't run any games in mame4all :-(
    I am running a pi 3B with version 4.1
    I can see that the folder is properly mounted and I can see all of my ROMs in RetroPie. When I go to run any game, I get an error. Here is a sample from Donkey Kong:
    dkong.2k NOT FOUND
    dkong.2j NOT FOUND
    dkong.5f NOT FOUND
    ERROR: required files are missing, the game cannot be run.
    I looked into the file and I do see that those files do not exist. Here is the list of files in the ZIP:
    Any suggestions on what I might have done wrong to be causing this? FYI, there is a comment in the ZIP file that states it is TORRENTZIPPED maybe this is a different format for ROMS than mane4all is expecting?

  • After I posted this I realized that maybe my problem was a mame4all issue and not specifically RetroPie related. I did some googling and the only thing I could find was a suggestion on video modes. Well, I tried every video mode and still no luck. :-(

  • What romset are you running?
    Do you have a full romset or just a few individual games?

    Without a full romset, you tend to get errors as many of the individual files are contained in parent roms or other roms (depending on how the romset was compiled).

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    @Sailing_Nut video mode has nothing to do with it. It's all in the documentation that you agreed to read before posting:

  • Herb,

    Thanks for the link!

    I was thinking it was issues with my setup of running the ROMs from my network share.

    It turns out the issue is my stupidity with ROM sets!

  • I went back to the "First Install" document and found that there is no link in there to the ROM management documentation. I would think that this is absolutely critical to a first installation since, as I proved, it's not possible to get things working with an improper ROM or ROM set.

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    @Sailing_Nut trying to blame the documentation eh - there are heaps of threads on the subject, and a link from the main contents page plus on the First installation page on the main nav it has a link Getting the right MAME ROMs (So technically there is a link on the first installation document - it's in the main nav)

    It is expected that people will read the documentation for the emulators they are trying to use. At the point where your roms didn't worked a check for the mame section would have told you everything you need.

    Like with the link at the top of the forum which people have to agree to read when registering - many don't bother. It's not the documentation at fault here.

  • Wow! Getting slaughtered for suggesting a possible improvement!

    I know that is there had been a section with a link about ROM compatibility I would have read it.

    I didn't read the section on getting ROMs because I've uses MAME many times before BUT forgot about the version dependency. (I always upgraded MAME and my ROMs at the same time out of habit.)

    So, in the end I'm just trying to help out and suggest a way for others like me to not make the same mistake.

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    @Sailing_Nut I'm not slaughtering you (no need to overreact) - I just don't think your point is valid. Adding an extra bit to that one page won't help. There are enough references to it already, so if those are missed, I don't see how an extra section will help.

    As an example we have a section on installing additional emulators but people don't read that either and ask where is emulator X/Y/Z.

    The first installation page cannot have everything on it. It's the first page in the main contents at the top right. A few links down is the roms version page - it's even called "Getting the right mame roms". I don't think that can be clearer. If people are going to just read the install page and nothing else they are going to run into issues.

  • @Sailing_Nut

    Arcade ROMS are confusing at first and there are a LOT of questions. The Admins have put together a lot of documentation to help people out and unfortunately, there are a lot of people that just expect the admins to do everything for them, Unfortunately, the Admins don't get paid and the expectation to have everything handed to people is getting really common these days.

    Just as an FYI, The extra instructions are located under the individual emulators. For instance, MAME and FBA have the managing roms link. Other emulators have instructions for specific configs and such.

    You can also always Google "Retropie MAME" or "Retropie N64" to get to the direct links as well.

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