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Gamecon drivers installation fail

  • I'm trying to install the latest Retropie 4.1 image onto a Raspberry Pi Zero and have it work via the GPIO pins. However, it's failing when I'm trying to install the Gamecon driver. Here's what I've done and what it's saying:

    • Download the latest Retropie 4.1 (0/1) image and put it on an SD card using ApplePi-Baker
    • Added this to the Pi and plugged it into my TV via HDMI, it has a USB keyboard attached, and powered it on. It goes through the normal boot processes and successfully gets to the emulation station screen. Hit F4 to get to the terminal prompt
    • Run sudo raspi-config and expand the file system, allow it to reboot
    • Comes back to the emulation station screen, F4 to get back to the command prompt
    • sudo RetroPie-Setup/ and use the package manager to try to install the gamecon drivers from binary. This fails for both the Gamecon GPIO driver and the Db9 GPIO driver, and says to look in the log files to get more information
    • The log file says that 'gamecon-gpio-rpi-dkms_1.2_all.deb' is not a debian format archive and returns an error exit status 2 when trying to install it. Same happens with the db9 archive. It then says ERROR: Module gamecon_gpio_rpi not found. ERROR: Module db9_gpio_rpi not found.

    Any suggestions on what I might try? I was going to try updating Retropie and see if it grabs any files that were missing (though I downloaded this image today) but I'm running this on a Zero, so no Wifi. I tried SSH over usb to my Mac to see if I could get an internet connection to it that way but wasn't having a ton of luck with that. I can go buy a USB Wifi stick if running an update would be a fix, I just didn't want to buy a piece of hardware if it wasn't the fix.

  • I was actually able to get this figured out by establishing an internet connection over USB to my mac. The trick was most things I was reading on how to do that was using pi@raspberry.local when I needed to use pi@retropie.local (it wouldn't use SSH over the ip address for whatever reason). I was then able to install gamecon as it could fetch the latest packages and install those. Hopefully this helps someone else with a similar situation.

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