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[SOLVED] Bluetooth no longer working for WiiU Pro controller after setting up PlayStation 3 bluetooth

  • Hello,

    Is anyone else experiencing problems with Bluetooth controller connections over the last 24 hours?

    I had 2 WiiU Pro controllers and a PlayStation 3 controller all set-up and connected through Bluetooth, but since a few updates none of them are connecting any more and none of them are found when trying to connect them through the Bluetooth menu in RetroPie-Setup.

    Pi Model: Raspberry Pi 3
    RetroPie Version Used: 4.1 image, updated to 4.1.5
    Built From: Made from 4.1 image, updated to 4.1.5
    USB Devices connected: Rapoo Wireless keyboard.
    Controller used: WiiU Pro Controller, PlayStation 3 controller.

    Please let me know if there's any output I can give.

    Update #1 - Tried this again from a totally fresh 4.1 image update. I updated the RetroPie-Script to 4.1.5 and then installed the PlayStation3 driver from the drivers section, from source. This now prevents either of my WiiU Pro controllers from being picked up via the Bluetooth option in Configuration.


  • Tweaked subject.

    I tried this from a totally fresh 4.1 image update. I updated the RetroPie-Script to 4.1.5, updated the Raspberry Pi 3 using sudo apt-get dist-upgrade and sudo apt-get update. I was then able to successfully pair my Nintendo WiiU Pro controllers from the Bluetooth controller.

    However, when I then try to pair my PlayStation 3 controller using the specific PS3 Bluetooth controller option, the Pi is unable to connect to my WiiU Pro controllers anymore. This was working a couple of weeks ago and I was able to pair both up.

    Has there been an update to Bluetooth or the PS3 controller specific Bluetooth driver recently that has made them incompatible?

    Please let me know if any logs are required and which ones would be needed.

    Thank you

  • Realised I wasn't setting up the PS3 controller correctly by not using a USB cable for the initial set up. Marking this topic as solved.

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