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SSelph Scraper not finding games anymore

  • I was on an old version of emulation station 3.0 and I ran an old version of SSelphs scraper last year. It was awesome and I swear it pulled in a lot of information like Mame Ms. Pacman and FBA Metal Slug. I ran into an issue trying to upgrade my pi so I ended up just starting over with a fresh 4.1 install. I copied all of my roms back over (exact same roms I had before).

    I saw that his scraper was now part of the configuration/tools section. So I installed it that way, scraped each system using the GUI, and it seemed to miss a ton of MAME and FBA roms. They all just say "unknown" 3 times in the game menu and there is no screenshot. So I tried the built in scraper (which took 10 times longer) and that didn't help.

    Convinced that the gui scraper was not working I deleted the gamelists and images folder (which are now not stored in the rom folder by default). I went back and re-watched the old Floob video where I learned to scrap in the first place. I downloaded it, unzipped it to the usr/local/bin folder. I ran "scraper - thumb_only" in the snes directory and it worked really well. But when I ran "scraper -mame" in the mame rom directory it probably missed 95% of my roms. They are the exact same files (same name, same .zip extension) that I used before. I had them all backed up on my thumb drive.

    It just says "No hash found". I thought Mame was special and the scraper would only go off of the filename? I tried the -use_filename command as well and that didn't help. Looking for ideas. I thought about maybe trying to use an old version of scraper to see if something changed. I saw he has some process to report missing games, but I can't imagine 95% of my games are missing. I can find them

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    @fastfalcon94 use the search function on this forum. It's been answered at least 5 times already

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