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  • I saw several posts on this board that said this functionality existed, but I am not able to get the motion control to move the mouse pointer.

    When the mame2003 mouse option is set to "mouse" I can use the dpad to move the pointer and B to shoot, but no motion-aiming. When I set it to "pointer" I can still move with the dpad but can no longer fire.

    I checked out my inputs with jstest and cat, and saw that while mouse0 is showing input from moving the wii remote, there is also a js0 that shows axis movement when moving the wii remote. I am not sure if that is related to the problem, but from my limited experience it seems suspect.

    The Wii Remote is definitely functioning as a mouse, as I was able to fully control the pointer in DosBox and partially (top left corner, seems to be a known issue) in SCUMMVM.

    Several posts have said that Mame2003 should be working, but I can't figure it out at all.

    Pi Model: 3B
    RetroPie Version Used: 4.1.3
    Built From: Image from Retropie website
    USB Devices connected: iBuffalo USB to navigate menus, and DolphinBar.
    How to replicate the problem: Attempt to use Wii Remote as mouse.

    Thanks in advance for any help / advice!

  • Sorry, don't see an Edit button, but I meant that the Wii Remote is putting inputs to js1, js0 being my normal controller.

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    hi! i wrote the mame2003 mouse code :)

    if it's appearing as mouse0 it SHOULD work. my justification for this is that if i plug in my usb mouse, it appears as mouse0, and works in mame2003. that should be the case for you too if you have a usb mouse around.

    i suspect the issue is that retroarch's linux udev driver doesn't poll the wiimote for mouse coords, for whatever reason. however i don't really know how to diagnose this without having the hardware myself :(

    i could maybe make a retroarch build that logs a bunch of stuff related to this if you wouldn't mind testing? this would be really neat to get working.

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  • @dankcushions You are correct, I plugged a mouse in while testing, and mame2003 immediately picked it up and started moving the cursor. The USB mouse was reading as mouse1 at the time, mouse0 still being the wii remote.

    I would love to help get this working, just tell me what I would need to do.

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    i have a hunch about the issue, but i can't confirm it. i've logged it with retroarch here:

    and maybe i'll buy a wiimote and sensor bar to test myself. do you know if a generic chinese wiimote will still work on the pi? i guess if they work on a wii they should be understood by the linux driver?

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