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Setup Script Update Failing: Can't resolve host

  • I have been trying to update from 4.02 to 4.1 on my RPi3 but all my attempts to update have been failing.

    I keep getting an error while trying to update the setup script. The error is as follows:
    Update Failed:
    Fatal: unable to access '' : Could not resolve host:

    I have checked that my pi is connected to wifi several times and I can see it with good connection on my routers device list. My Internet is working fine on other devices so I assume its good for the Pi as well.

    If I keep trying then maybe like 1 out of 10 times it will start the update but downloaded the update at a crawl.

    I then tried to do the full 4.1 update and several modules failed.

    Anyone have any ideas why this could be happening? Could the built in wifi on the Pi be failing?

  • So I found a long enough ethernet cord to get from my router up to the Pi in my arcade. Once it was hard wired everything updated fine.

    I must have either a hardware or config issue with the wifi on the Pi. Its been working fine for me since I got it in August and I haven't messed with any settings in months so I'm not sure how a config could have changed. Is there a history of the wifi hardware in Pis being dodgy?

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    yeah the rpi 3's wifi was initially crappy when it was first launched, until the rpi foundation fixed something in the firmware or raspian. you'll probably find it's good from now on :)

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